Friday, May 19, 2006

Comfort of Psalms Quilt

Ok, here is my latest, and I have to admit, one of my now favorite quilts.

It is from a pattern called "The Comfort of Psalms", and I ordered the pattern and psalms fabric as a kit from a local quilt shop called
Trinity Schoolhouse Quilt Shop.

I made it in about 35 hours (3 days), and was able to use fabrics from my stash - the only fabric I had to purchase was the psalms and they came with the kit!
I like this one, especially the way the colors balanced out, because the gal I made it for loves pink!!

This quilt is for one of my employees who is moving next week. At her Aloha party tomorrow, the guests will be given fabric pens to write their own special wishes on the back of the quilt. I used a white on white floral pattern on the back - still pretty, but the writing will be easy to see and read.

I plan on using this pattern again! In fact, this pattern is now in my "favorites" pile for a couple of reasons:

  1. It was FAST! This one is a quilt as you go, folks, meaning that your work time is literally cut in half! If you know your way around a rotary cutter, and can strip piece on your machine, then, like me, it would only take you a weekend (approximately 3-4 hours for 3 days) to complete this one. And what a great finished look! Unlike a lot of weekend patterns, this one looks way more complicated than it is.
  2. The directions are EASY! Even for a novice, these directions use layman's terms so that anyone can easily follow them. There are lots of pictures, and the rows are clearly labelled.
  3. It has the beautiful Psalms on it! Need I say more?
The pattern can actually be purchased as part of a kit from Trinity, including not only the pattern, but also the fat quarter panel with the psalms handwritten on it. The one at the right reads

"The heavens delcare the glory of God. The firmament shows His handiwork" Psalm 19

The coolest part is that no matter where you live, Trinity can ship the pattern or kit directly to you! They even put fabric bundle kits online so you can pick out the rest of the fabric needed for the kit from them as well!

Well, I know that if my friend becomes lonely after her move, she will cuddle up with this quilt, reading the comforting words of the Lord on the front, and the dear wishes of her friends on the back, and she will smile. And that is what quilting is all about!


Dawn said...

This is a beautiful quilt. Thanks for the link.

FosterMom said...

My church group is working on this same pattern, only we are attempting to add borders to make it a queen size quilt. Have you had any experience adding borders to a wall hanging this size? How did you figure out the size of the borders?