Thursday, May 25, 2006

The Novelist ~ A GREAT Book!

I wanted to take a minute to introduce you to one of my newly-found, but now favorite authors, Angela Hunt.

I am a frequent patron of our local library, and I am always on the hunt for some really good Christian Fiction.

I first discovered her novel The Awakening. I really enjoyed it, and became absolutely hooked by The Novelist.

From Publisher's Weekly
"Jordan Casey is the pen name for Jordan Casey Kerrigan, grandmother and author of a bestselling adventure series. She agrees to teach a college night class on writing fiction and is challenged by an irksome student to ditch her formulaic approach and try writing something from the heart. Stung by the criticism, Kerrigan turns down a lucrative contract for another adventure novel and writes an allegory of paradise, sin, the fall and redemption as played out in an otherworldly casino. As she writes, her desire to change her 21-year-old son Zachary's chaotic life as a suicidal addict becomes an impetus for a story she wants to communicate about life, loss and second chances (told alongside mother and son's actual plight). God, she believes, is the ultimate writer, complete with an outline for one's life story—yet even the characters in the hands of a novelist have choices. Jordan's reality and fiction alternate and finally converge as Hunt spins her tale, with flashbacks to Zachary's innocent childhood that are guaranteed to wring tears from even the hardest-hearted reader."

If you love Christian Fiction, and enjoy a great story, then I would highly recommend this book. In fact, I recently purchased this at Barnes and Noble for one of my best friends. she is a reluctant reader, but after giving her an overview, she was dying to read it.

By the way, Angela Hunt has a blog on blogspot (hyperlink via her name above), and her Blog is really a great read. She recently has some great comments on the DaVinci Code novel.

I just finished reading The Canopy last night (it is about a month overdue ~ gasp!) and I would recommend it as well. Let me know if you like them! I would love to know of other fans out there!

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