Tuesday, May 30, 2006

A Special Quilt and Diaper Bag

Well, I though that it was about time to show you some of the other quilts that I have finished this year. I really love quilting, I have ever since my great-aunt Orlene gave me the makings of my first quilt ever. She got me started, and I admit, I didn't follow through...at first. Then, when my gramma Pauline went to be with the Lord, she left me a TON of fabric scraps. I pull from that fabric for special occasions and for very special people.
The quilt on the right was made for my cousin Crystal for her pending baby girl. Crystal was very close to gramma Pauline, so I raided the stash, of course. The green fabric in the quilt is from gramma's stash, the pink binding and backing from my great gal friend Kelli, and, believe it or not, the rest came from mine! The pattern is my version of a "Walk in the Garden". The result was quite lovely. The coordinated diaper bag uses the same fabrics, and was a great project for me because I haven't sewn anything but quilts for a very long time!
The pattern for the diaper bag came from http://www.freepatterns.com/. You do have to register, but they don't spam you to death...a lot of you ladies who have time to sew and are looking for a good variety of vintage sewing ideas may find some neat things there to try. Patterns aren't restricted to quilting, they also have sewing, crocheting, knitting, and more!
I plan on posting some other quilts I have finished later this week, and will give a preview of an upcoming project I hope to begin by Friday.


Bethany said...

I am registered with Free Patterns but is it just me or does it take a while to load??

Mississippi Girl said...

Beautiful quilt and diaper bag- Great job!
Jennifer R.

Mrs. Mandy said...

I have noticed that it takes awhile..so I go to the library and print from there:) 'cause I'm stuck with dial up ugh!
I also always forget my password, which I attribute to pregnant brain I'm not pregnant, but I was 3 years ago, that counts, right?? LOL

Bethany said...

Oh, ok. I will have to try that. LOL