Saturday, May 27, 2006

Welcome Home Greta!

On Friday, May 26th our family welcomed home our newest addition. Her name is Greta, and she is a beautiful pure-bred Golden Retriever. She is 8 weeks old this week, and we are so glad to have her home with us.
She is timid, but very sweet. She loves to chase DD around the yard and house, much to his squealing delight, but she doesn't jump up on him or try to play bite.
Her first day home went really well. We are crate-training her, so right now she sleeps in her crate in our bedroom. I honestly expected a lot of crying and wailing the first night, but Mr. W only had to tap her crate once or twice, and she stopped. She is a good dog :)! She sleeps all day, it seems ~ typical baby:). It is kinda cute watching her get used to her new home. At times she is dashing around, willy nilly... the next minute she doesn't trust her food bowl, and casts nervous glances at the front door LOL!
After scowering the internet, asking friends, and reading books about the nuances of being a "Big Dog" owner, I wonder if we are going to do things right. I grew up with a dog, so I am not totally naive to the ways of the canine (LOL), but my Muffy was a small Peek-a-Poo, so at her biggest she was the size that Greta is now as a puppy!! It is kinda like when you have your first kid, there is a lot of advice, and even if you feel prepared...things get thrown at you that lead to questions that only the Holy Spirit can answer! But God is faithful, and His word says that when we ask for wisdom, He will grant it liberally!
Besides, Mr. W and I prayed, and really though long and hard about bringing this little lady home because I work a lot, Mr. is getting ready to roll into his busy season, and we were concerned that we didn't have the time. But we have peace about it, and DD ADORES her!
Here is a picture of her and DD, believe it or not they both sat still long enough to get a picture of them!!
I wish I had time to post more, but I had a baby shower cake due this morning, and with Greta coming home I am pooped! God Bless and good night!


Mrs. Wilt said...

She is too cute for words! DD looks so happy!

We will have to come pay Greta a housewarming visit! LOL

Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks dudette!
She is a super sweet gal! We will have to get together soon for a playdate!