Monday, June 19, 2006

Father's Day Fun!

Well, we had a great father's day weekend!
On Saturday, DD, Daddy & I enjoyed some fresh watermelon...YUM!

And yes, my little man did get a new haircut the day before in honor of the occasion and because it has been so bloomin hot!!

On Sunday, Nonny, Poppy, Daddy, Mommy and DD bbqd some chicken and burgers. Then after dinner we went down to the lake by the house and tried our hand at some fishin!

DD caught a lot of fish! Here is a pick of the first fish he caught!

We had a great time!

Happy Father's Day Dad & Poppy!


Mrs. Wilt said...

He looks so happy with his big ol' hunk of watermelon! I'm so glad you had a great weekend. :o)

Jamie Gile said...

Hey babe!!! I miss you. This blog is wonderful. I am starting mine but there is no picts yet. NJ is going great and christina is adjusting to the new enviroment. You have been on my mind lately and I have been praying for you quite a bit. Please tell darrin that christina said HI, and send my love to danny and your parents. Love You Jamie :~)

Jamie said...

I just updated my blog. Here is the website