Wednesday, June 07, 2006

A Fun Twist on a Signature Quilt!

Hi, my name is Mandy, and I am a quiltaholic!! AND I LOVE using vintage fabric!

Again, I am working on a quilt for my friend Jamie...yes, she is getting another one (see flip flop quilt), but she is moving to New Jersey in June so that means she gets a signature quilt! For those not familiar - a signature quilt is one that leaves blank areas open on the top or back of the quilt. Typically, at a farewell party or gathering, the quilt is placed in a common area with a variety of permanent fabric markers, and throughout the event, those in attendance are asked to take a few minutes to sign their names and add their thoughts/prayers/support for the recipient. Many simple designs are out there to create signature quilts, and many are very easy. Add to that the fact that no two will ever be the same, and you have a unique gift that will be cherished forever!

Jamie's quilt wasn't ready for the party, so I precut the white fabric and had everyone sign the scraps. Then, I invited Jamie over to raid my stash, letting her pick out the fabrics for her signature quilt. Well, because she is a great gal pal, I let her dig through my collection of 60'z and 70'z fabric left to me by my Gramma Pauline (a quilter).

After about 5 minutes, Jamie surfaces with some super-cool pink, gold, and green flowered fabric ~ an unfinished dress intended for my mother while she was in high school (pictured center, below). Jamie fell in LOVE with it, so the next evening we took a field trip to the fabric store and matched the remaining 5 fabrics needed. Luckily, the shop had a dyno-sale, so she got all the fabric, backing, and batting for less than $20!!

Here is what we came up with....

It is hard to see, but there is some dark green on the left. The pink "cloudy" fabric is flannel, and will be used for the back.

Because the pattern was quick and easy, I am reusing my "Comfort of Psalms" pattern, replacing the Psalms panels with the signature panels that were signed at the party.

This quilt will be so different from the other one, I will post it when it is done so that you can compare.

Isn't that vintage fabric cool?!?!

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