Friday, June 09, 2006

Setting Some Goals

Well, I turn 31 next Saturday, and I have decided to share my goals for the next 6 months of my life. I hope that by doing so, it will encourage me to stay faithful to them, and that by writing them it will allow me to be realistic with them...not to set them to high, nor to low.

Goal #1: Be able to jog my 3 mile circut in it's entirety.
I live on a 1 mile circle with two WICKED-LARGE hills. Those, added to a two mile stretch of pavement make up my current 3 mile walk/jog. Right now, I can jog approximately 1/2 the circle, I walk 1 mile, then jog the remaining 1 mile home, equaling 3 miles. I want to do this for 2 reasons: #1: for my health. #2: this is my alone time with the Lord, and by setting a goal, I will work on it weekly. I need that time, and I love it!

Goal #2: To adhere to my weight watchers points, both daily and weekly.
About 2 years ago, I began weight watchers online and followed it faithfully. 6 months later, I weighed about 30 lbs less, felt great, and wasn't scared to go shopping anymore. I took a break that Christmas and never went back. Now, I am only 10 lbs away from where I started...not cool. So, beginning on Saturday, June 10, I will once again begin tracking my points and weight online. I will stick with it for 6 months!

Goal #3: To organize my quilting space, my basement storage, and my office space at home in a manner that WORKS FOR ME!
I will call upon my great friend kw to help, and will seek advice from Organizing from the Inside Out. I give myself 6 months to make improvement.

Goal #4: I will finish the following projects:
1. My Jasmine wall hanging quilt I began 1 year ago. The first quilt I started that was for me, and not a friend or baby :o)!
2. The curtains for my living room.

I will post my progress in each area once a month.

I can do this. Thank you, Lord, for your provision. Thank you, that you are my provider. I praise you Lord that in you I lack for nothing, and that You will be my strength and my redeemer, my glory and the lifter of my head, my high tower and my refuge, my strength and my cornerstone.

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Mrs. Wilt said...

He (through you) can do it! :o)I'm on my way to help you organize anything you like, friend. You name the date! :o)