Tuesday, July 11, 2006


Yes, I went golfing!!! AHHH!
And.....drumroll please..... I REALLY LIKED IT !!
Ok, here is the story....Hubby has asked me several times if I thought I might like to try golfing with him. Now, I am always up for something new, so of course, I agreed (in discussion) that I would like to try, but only if we walked the course and didn't ride a golf cart (I wanted the excersize, and I figured that the requirement of extra physical exertion may help determine the seriousness of his offer). Well, lo and behold, this year, for our 8th anniversary, my hubby surprised me with my own used set of starter women's clubs, and a date for the two of us to spend Saturday morning playing 9 at a local golf course.
I was so excited, because this was some great quality time with my hubby, and it would allow me to share with him something that I know he enjoys.
I didn't do too bad, ladies. I was actually only one over par on one hole, and pretty much stayed on the fairway (the long green path to the hole :)) most of the time. I didn't lose my ball, which is better than hubby did, and I didn't lose my temper, 'cause I didn't care about keeping a score!
Golf is very calming, as long as you don't take yourself, or your game too seriously. It is also one of those few sports that, no matter how badly you do overall, you can count on at least one good shot to reflect upon, meaning that if you choose, it can always be a "good game".
Now, I not only plan on keeping my clubs, I also need a glove for my left hand, and my hubby and I are planning details for a monthly golfing date!
I think the thing I loved most about this Saturday wasn't the game, the good shots, or the beautiful course, but rather it was the realization that after 8 years of marriage, hubby and I can still find new things that we enjoy doing together. Cool.

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