Sunday, August 20, 2006

For a Niece or Nephew??

Here is my latest quilt, all finished. Sorry no pics were posted while it was in progress, but I have been so busy I spent all my time quilting.
A few things are different about this quilt.
#1 - I didn't use a pattern, I simply cut 4 1/2" squares, arranged them in rows, and measured for the borders.
#2 - This quilt has A LOT of Minkee fabric. For those who have yet to be introduced, Minkee is AWESOME!! The only place to get real Minkee is from quilt shops, so yes, you pay more, but there is such a difference between the real deal and the value-priced stuff you get at craft stores. Minkee comes in different colors and textures, so it can be used in so many ways.
#3 - This quilt is BACKED in Minkee too! I wanted it to be super soft and snuggly, 'cause the little one is in New Jersey and will arrive right when the air gets chilly.
#4 - I used a pre-packaged satin binding. I used it just as I would if I made it myself, and I'm not sure if I like it or not. It is bumpy and doesn't actually fold on the edge, just curves. The result is that it doesn't look quite as neat to me. However, I like the added texture to the edges that the satin binding provided. Because the quilt top has so many different textures, included 2 types of flannel, and smooth and bumpy Minkee, the binding texture goes along with the general feel of the quilt. I love to have texture in quilts I make for babies, because they love exploring!
#5 - This one is for my niece or nephew. My sister and brother-in-law decided to be surprised and not have the baby's gender revealed, so I had to go with neutral colors. I have plans to make more goodies for the little one as soon as I know.
Ps. I'm hoping for a girl:)!
For those wondering...I purchased 1/3 yd. or each fabric for quilt top squares, and 2 3/4 yd. of the jungle flannel (for squares and border), used 1 yd Minkee for back, and 1 package of satin binding.
Yummy and Warm, just for you little one!


Mrs. Melody said...

Very pretty! I sm going to search out that fabric at my LQS (local quilt shop) 'cause I wanna feel it! :)

Mrs. Wilt said...

You did a great job! Shame on your sister for not finding out if it's a boy or girl! LOL Just kidding-she has more fortitude than I do! :o)

Mrs. Mandy said...

Mrs. Melody, you won't BELIEVE how yummy it is...but watch out, it is addictive!

Thanks Mrs. W! I don't know how she is standing it, the not knowing! It is driving me crazy and I am not even the momma!!!