Sunday, August 27, 2006

Graduation Celebration!

Well, my preschool celebrated its second graduation last Friday, and boy was it beautiful!
The graduates marched in holding tealight candles in small glass containers, then sang This Little Light of Mine. The two-year-olds of which my son is included and the three-year-olds each performed, as did the graduates. I gave out special awards for each graduate - a gift custom -chosen for that student reflecting the quirks and talents I saw daily in each child.
Afterwards, we had a wonderful reception. Each staff member brought a food to share one rule, no fork foods, only finger foods, and we had cake.
This year, I actually got a friend to make the cake for me. I did it myself last year, and the extra time and stress was a lot to handle, so this year my gal-pal Mrs. Wilt stepped in and went to bat for me! Here is a picture of that cake. She made three layers, iced them, and delivered them to the school. I stacked them, added the finishing touches like the star cookies and the graduates, and VOILA! a masterpiece is born!
The graduate faces are blurred, but each little bendable graduate had a facial photo of each of my graduates inside, which personalized the cake. Last year, I made graduate cookies, complete with fondant mortar boards and tassels, but it too WAY TO LONG, so when I saw the bendables on Oriental, I went for it!
Thanks to Mrs. W for the cake, everyone loved it and it was very yummy!


Elly said...

Very beautiful!

Susan said...

It is a beautiful cake.

I never heard of bendables before.
I will have to see if the oriental trading company is online and check this out.

This is a wonderful way to personalize the cake in a meaningful, quick way. Great idea.