Monday, August 28, 2006

My Little Guy

Well, for those who have been following, my little guy began "hooked on phonics" about a month ago. We got it from the local library and he took to it so well that I purchased our own copy for him.
Well, as of tonight, he had completed both short "a" family readers, and could substitue initial phonemes to create words in those families! We begin the short "i" families tomorrow night! I am so proud of him I had to share!! Go DD!


Susan said...

I just received HOP from a friend yesterday. I will start using it with an almost 5 year old that I get to watch once a week. She wants to do school.

That is so exciting about your son's success.

Do you have any tips?

Mrs. Mandy said...

The only tip I can offer is to follow HOP advice and progress to the next level only after the child becomes comfortable with the current one. The program is SO easy, and it is a lot of fun!
Good luck, keep me posted! I'd love to know how it is going!