Sunday, August 20, 2006

Special Gifts for a Special Guy

I have been busy over the past two weeks, but not too busy to begin work on two top secret projects.

My gal pal Mrs. Wilt has a special little guy who turned 3 this Thursday, and I was busy in my secret sewing lab concocting two very special presents for my favorite little Thomas the Tank Engine fan!

At his birthday party, he received so many cool Thomas presents, and I hope that these will be fun, but also useful for him.

The first was a backpack, decked out with his favorite locomotive! The pattern is called a Quilters Rucksack, and is one that I purchased online. The patterns creator, Bethany Reynolds, is best known for creating the Stack N Whack quilting method. I had made the same one for my little guy in a sports theme. It is a quick weekend project (probably a total of about 1 hour for cutting, 1 hour for quilting, and about 6-8 hours for assembly), and the directions are very easy to follow.

The second gift was a hooded towel with his name on it.

It took me a couple of tries to get the hood right, but patience paid off! I ended up making the hood from a hand towel, pieced together, with a small railcrossing sign on the front. I attached the hood to the larger towel after finishing the applique on the larger piece. The Thomas applique came for a pillow fabric panel I purchased at Walmart. The other piece of the pillow panel was actually used for the front pocket on the backpack, so I got more bang for my buck:).

I will post directions for this online if anyone is interested. I have officially begun my masters (ARGH...YOHOOO... I have mixed feelings...LOL) so if anyone does want it, I may have to have a week or two of grace. I am going to make another one for my guy (he loves Bob the B), and that will give me a chance to show step-by-steps, so if you are interested, let me know and I will take pics as I go, then post when I am done.

His party was lovely, but then it was planned and executed by his mommy, so I knew it would be :), and he seemed to have a lot of fun, I know DD did! Those of you who know Mrs. W., talk her into posting pictures of his cake, she did a GREAT job!!


Susan said...

I'd love the instructions. I have some frineds in mind who would be thrilled to have such a pressie.

BTW congrats on starting your masters. Me too!

Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks susan!
When I start DDs towel I will take pics and type up directions and post when I am done.
Did you just start your masters?? I was terrified to be "running with the big dogs", many of these folks are principals or have been teaching for 15+ years...YIKES! but God is good, and I am holding my own. :)

Mrs.R said...

I feel your pain about starting your Master's Degree. I did mine online and it was easier than going to school, but it was still very stressful!