Sunday, September 03, 2006

Hooded Towel Part 1

Hooded Towell

You will need:

1 Large Towel
1 Hand Towel
Applique Fabric
Fusible Webbing
Thread to match outer edges of appliqué pieces
Thread to match towel

Step 1. Prepare your appliqué pieces.
Choosing your Fabric:
I have found that pillow panels make great appliqués for towels, but many fabrics have repetitive patterns that work well, too. Look for larger pieces with few detailed edges, remember, you will have to cut and sew around all those corners, so don’t choose anything too detailed.
You will need appliqués for the hood and for the back of the towel. For one hood, I chose a single small railroad crossing symbol to place in the center, but for another I chose a strip of border from the pillow panel to go all the way across the hood. Either way, the shapes were basic and easy to cut and sew, and the finished product was great!
If you are going to personalize the towel with a name, choose a coordinating fabric as well.

1. Once you have selected your fabric, cut out the pieces, leaving a general border. Cut your fusible webbing slightly smaller, and follow instructions to iron it onto the wrong side of the fabric.
2. Cut around appliqué, taking care to cut exactly where you want the border to be. Because we are using fusible webbing, there will not be a turn under allowance and what you leave you will see!
Step 2. Making the Hood.

Lay the hood on your ironing board with the tag on the back of the upper left hand corner. Place your hood appliqué on the towel, with top of appliqué approximately 2-2 ½” down, centered (if a single item) or in a straight line across (if a strip).
Iron appliqué down following package instructions. *Note, fusible webbing will not affix appliqué on towel as strongly as it does on fabric, so handle it gently!

Once ironed, take your hood to the sewing machine, loaded with thread that matches the outermost border of your appliqué.

Set machine to a zig-zag stitch with a medium width and a very short stitch length. My length was 2.5, and width was 1.

Stitch around entire appliqué, back stitching at beginning and end to secure.

Place hood on table face down with appliqué on bottom. Fold bottom up approximately 5”, then turn the finished edge of the towel under and pin. Appliqué should be face up, right side up, at bottom of towel at this point.

Load your sewing machine with thread that matches your towel (this includes the bobbin) and straight stitch as close to the turned under edge as possible. The great thing about sewing on towels is that they hide stitching!!

Fold towel in half with left and right side together, right sides touching. Measure 4” (for a toddler, 3” for a smaller child) away from the sewn line, mark, pin and stitch. *Note: this seam will largely determine the size of your hood. Test out the size when pinned if you can before stitching and adjust as needed.

Trim the bottom edge of the hood. If you have a hand towel with an edge border, this really helps! I simply cut along the bottom or middle of the border edge, depending on its thickness.

Return to the previous seam, and open the seam. Stitch this open as close to the finished edge as possible. You do not really need to stitch the top part.
It is really tough to do around that curve, and I have found that it will stay on its own.

Turn hood right side out. This is what the seam you just sewed looks like from the back.

Your hood is ready to attach to your towel.
I will post the directions to the rest of the hooded towel soon.
Happy Sewing! Feel free to post any questions!


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