Thursday, September 14, 2006

Hooded Towell Part 2

Ok, so you have made the hood! The next step is to attach the hood to the main body of the towel.
I do find that it is easier to attach all applique to the main towel before you attach the hood. This way there is less to manipulate under the sewing machine.

Personalizing with a Name
**To add a name, type the child’s name on the computer using a word processing program like Microsoft Word. I found it easiest to use Word Art. Chose a font that is thick and isn’t too fancy. I like to use Goudy Stout, Cooper Black, and Rockwell Extra Bold. I have also used stencils purchased at a craft store. Print out the name when you are satisfied with the size. *If your computer will let you reverse the letters, do so. If not, then tape the paper to a window and trace the letters on the back to reverse them. Place the reversed name under the fusible webbing sheet and trace the reversed letters onto the paper side of the fusible webbing. Do not cut them out yet. Iron the letters onto the wrong side of the fabric you selected, then cut out the letters.

Step 3. Prepare the towel.
Arrange appliqué pieces and child’s name (if you are using one) on back of large towel until you are happy with the placement. Peel off paper backing and iron on pieces according to package directions. Stay at least 2” down from top edge of towel. Make sure that the tag on the towel is on the opposite side in one of the lower corners so that it is inside and not visible from the back of the towel.

Load machine with thread matching outer edges of appliqués, and stitch them down as you did for the hood. Do the same for the child’s name (if you are using one).

Lay the hooded towel out flat with the appliqué pieces on the back, blank side of the large towel face up.
Line up the top inside edge of the towel with the bottom (trimmed) edge of the hood. The appliqué on the front of the hood should be facing the back of the towel see picture left. Pin the hood to the towel along the bottom of the finished edge of the large towel see picture right.

Load machine with thread matching towel, and stitch the hood to the towel with a scant ¼” seam.

After attaching hood, fold the hood up and tuck in the sewn edge, pinning the finished edge of the large towel up over sewn edge see picture right. Stitch as close to the top of the finished edge as possible. This will secure the cut edge of the hood and give you a nice, finished look. You can zigzag stitch this to make it even more secure if you wish.

That’s it folks! The hood is the toughest part, and hopefully my directions were not that confusing. I hope that all the young ones who get a special towel from you are as happy with theirs as my little guy is with his!! Enjoy!!

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