Sunday, September 24, 2006

When It Just Doesn't Fit

This is a lap quilt I started for my living room.

It is from the Turning Twenty pattern.
The top picture is what I origionally had, but I felt that the diamond patches stuck out like sore thumbs, so I decided to swap them out.

The bottom picture picture is the quilt now, after I traded the diamond fabric for something soft and floral.

Amazing what a difference it made, huh?

Funny how this is a metaphor for certain aspects of my life right now. My family has been through some real struggles over the past month, with many things coming to a head over the past 2 weeks. It was quite tough. In prayer this weekend and during my worship time, the Lord showed me that I was trying to do in my life the same thing I had tried with this quilt. I chose the fabrics, and even though I questioned my choice of the diamond design, I still went ahead and made it a part of the quilt.
Well, He showed me that there are some things that I felt would fit right in with the design of my life, but after seeking His will, He has shown me that while those things may be nice alone, in the grand scheme of His plan for me and my family, they just don't fit.

I have to smile now as I am working on finishing this quilt, because I don't think I will ever look at it without remembering this period of my life when the Lord used it to reveal to me something that I needed to hear.


Christine said...

Hi Mandy. I found your blog via Susan Godfrey's. I love this beautiful quilt. I hope to be brave enough to make a quilt one day. Their is nothing that says home sweet home like a quilt. Blessings to you.

Mrs. Wilt said...

Wow- You and I are going through something very similar right now. We still need to get together and have a gals' night and catch up.:o)