Monday, January 22, 2007

Getting a little stitchin done!

Well, we got nothing but ice and freezing rain last night, so I closed the center today. Last night I completely neglected my pending classroom assignments and took the opportunity to do a little catch up work on my BOM club (is that playing hookie??). Before the applause that I know you are preparing to offer as I have again found the time to quilt, you should know that the two blocks below are from months 1 and 2...and I am currently awaiting month 7....please tell me that I am not the only one who does this!

I really like this BOM because the blocks are from a book of Biblical Quilt Blocks (top left of picture). This sampler will have a total of 14 blocks, and each one has a verse to meditate on while you work. These two blocks are called Star of Christmas (the one with the nine patches) and Solomon's star. I joined through and those ladies are so super sweet! They have offered a backing, but I think I will visit my local quilt shop for my border and backing.

I really need to work on my piecing, because these both came out at 12 3/4" when they are supposed to be 12 1/4". Oh well, that is one of the reasons for this project, to give me more complicated piecing and allow me to practice.
I had to do this on the kitchen table, because (alas) I am still a quilter without a studio, but that will change! After rubbing the kinks out of my neck, my hubby promised that we will begin working on the room soon. Otherwise my chiropractic bills will require me to take on a third job!
Perhaps once I have the room, I will get more done because right now the 30+ minutes to set up and tear down all my things really takes the wind out of my sails when the urge to quilt hits me.

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