Thursday, January 18, 2007

Hello again

Well, it has been since ~gasp~ November that I have posted anything. There really is no valid excuse aside from the chaotic excitement of the holidays. Between visiting family, finishing projects (I am very proud to say that I made many gifts this year), a sick kid, losing my assitant at work, and resuming my masters classes, I have been a busy gal.
Christmas was quite lovely this year. Our christmas card was a huge hit with the family and friends!

So much has changed since November.
First, I had to give up my quilting room, but for a very good reason. It was converted into a guest bedroom for my inlaws to stay with us over the holidays. This was actually a wonderful surprise, and I truly enjoyed their visit this year. I was able to rescue my late grandmother's furniture from our basement, and it was nice to have her things in use again. I found some of her handmade items, pillowcases with hand embroidery, table runners, etc. in storage that I put out and it gave the room a really nice touch.

And my kid and my doggie have grown so much, it made me gasp! The dog is entering her teenage angst years, and DD finally grasps the concept of aquiring things you want from the store if you do not already have it.
Recent conversation:
Darrin, "Mommy, do I have a Tigger to have at school tomorrow in class?"
Mom, "No, honey. I don't think we have a Tigger, but we can take one of your other bears to school instead."
Darrin, "Well, I think that we can just go to Target and borrow one. If that is what we want to do we can just do that. Ok?"

Anyway, I am going through serious sewing withdrawal. My best gal pal K. gave me a super-sweet basket for Christmas tagged "To help you turn lemons into lemonaide" and filled lemony-limey goodies including batting and some yummy fat quarters that I am just dying to get my hands on, but alas, without a space I am adrift! The good news is that I have a little extra money and hubby has agreed to allow me to begin working on my downstairs quiliting studio! We have a large, unfinished basement, and there is an area designated for my studio and my son's playroom. Perhaps pictures of the project will make it to the blog, who knows?

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Jamie said...

Aww.. Darrin is growing up to be such a handsome young one.. I miss you!!! Please give my hugs to him.. Christina says " HI" also to Darrin. Love You!!