Sunday, February 25, 2007

Done and Done!

Well, I officially completed my most recent master's course today. I took my final exam...a horrific collection of short answer and multiple choice questions. The time limit was 1 hour, and I'm pretty sure I went over by about 20 minutes, but at least I finished.
It has been a hectic week, hence no posts.

DD has his birthday party at Amazement Square and it was AWESOME! I had so much great help from my family and my gal pal Mrs. W. The kids had a great time and DD loved it.

I was so busy running the party that I didn't get any pictures of the kids and games.. I did, however, get picks of the party BEFORE everyone arrived. Visit Mrs. Wilt's site for a couple of good pics. She is such a great friend, she made my game for me, helped me set up, and even better, we got to chat for awhile afterwards. I wish we still worked together! Anyway, she has some cute pics of her little guy at the party!

Believe it or not, my little guy has a great aversion to anything in spite of my taking every Wilton cake class and each birthday slaving in the kitchen, decorating cakes for hours...he never ate it! This year, I conceded the battle and decided to go with cupcakes instead. They were so much easier! I used a large drop flower tip and swirled butter cream on top of orange creamsicle and yellow cake cupcakes, tinted some coconut green for grass, added a jelly bean egg and a plastic dino to guard it and Voila! I set them all out on the table to decorate.

We purchased yellow and green plates, and some dino napkins from the party store, cool animal plastic dining utensils from WalMart, and super cool dino masks, plastic dinos, and cool dino cups from Oriental The kids got to take home the utensils, masks, cups, and as many plastic dinos as they could carry!

I made dino-shaped chicken nuggets, and crockpot mac n cheese for lunch. Then the kids enjoyed cupcakes and dinosaur shaped cookies coated in candymelts.

Having the party at Amazement Square was wonderful! They helped me set up, and even better, no clean up afterwards! We packed our leftovers, the kids went into the museum to play, and that was it!

Overall, DD had a great time with his friends and they with him. It was awesome.

There is so much more that happened this week...I finished my scarf I was knitting, I made serious project on my living room curtains, I finished my master's class, and I got back on my exercise schedule...but I will update and post pics more later this week. For now, I am tired and I think I'll go crash!

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