Friday, February 09, 2007

Taking on a Fun Challenge!

While hopping around the blog world today, I was visiting Thee Handworks and caught wind of an exciting opportunity to take up a fun challenge, Project Spectrum! This is a really neat idea, and I have been seeking out a chance to take part in a project like this, but with all of my current commitments, I worry about overcommitting guffaws from the peanut gallery, please.

The link provides all the details, but the idea is that you complete a project - or several if you wish - using one, two, or all three of the colors that are the theme for that three month time period.

For February, March, and April the colors are Blue, White, and Gray....hmmm... should I quilt, knit, decopage, paint....oh, so many possibilities!!


Mrs. Wilt said...

You can do it- a little creative outlet is always a good thing. :o)

Mrs. Mandy said...

I think it will help inspire me to start and complete something new!