Monday, April 09, 2007

Fly Baby!

Thank you Mrs. Wilt and Fly Lady!

My gal pal K. loaned me the Fly Lady book as I am in desperate need of help decluttering and managing my home and I have finally started! Thankfully, the Lord has opened the opportunity for me to take on a ministry position in our church that will allow me to work from home during the week and giving me the time to be the wife, mom, and homemaker that I know He wants me to be!

Now, my gal pal K. is a fantastic homemaker! She is very organized without being obsessive, and she has, herself, put the Fly Lady's theories into practice. Whenever my little guy and I go over for a play date, her home is peaceful and calm, uncluttered and homey. Granted, she is quite the organized person by nature (I should know, teaching along side of her I gleaned so many helpful skills to help me manage and order my own classroom!), but I have seen her happily tackle cluttered areas of her own home with such great success that I had to try her system.

Enter, the Fly Lady.

Honestly, I have only just started, but her methods have actually given me hope that I can not only clean my home, but keep it that way! Behold, I have begun! Of course, I am keeping a clean kitchen sink, but I am also working on the hot spots and cluttered and stress-inducing areas of my home. I began with my kitchen, as it is where I spend most of my time. I really wish I had taken a before picture to share. Here is the after!

I purchased a few space-saving cereal containers, and locking lid containers, along with a few baskets for my cooking stuff to add storage height that I needed and voila! Now I can see everything, get to everything, and most importantly, it doesn't drive me crazy!

The second area I tackled was under my kitchen sink. Behind the dishwasher liquid on the left is my cleaning caddy with all of my various supplies. This is so much more organized and easy to keep neat.

Hopefully, I will be able to tackle a few more tough spots over the next couple of stop,

DD's closet!


Janet said...

Mrs. Mandy,
I'm so glad that the Lord has provided the opportunity for you to work at home in a ministry!! I am curious though, what type of ministry is it? I'll still continue to pray for you as you begin this new ministry in your life.
What a cute picture of DD in his soccer uniform. I remember those days!! Enjoy them!!
I too am in a decluttering adventure. I get excited about making a little progress. I went out and bought rubbermaid containers and I'm trying to organize things in our crawl space and garage. I too, got some ideas from your gal pal, Mrs. Wilt. Wow! I really wish I had the opportunity to know you two ladies, both of you are such an inspiration to me!
I also wanted to "Thank you" for a great recipe that was your's that I found on Mrs. Wilt's site. The cherry cobbler. It was so easy and delicious!! I made an apple and cherry one for Easter and everyone loved it!!
Take care and I'll keep you in my prayers.


P.S. You can pray for me too! Have any interest in a prayer partner?

Mrs. Mandy said...

Janet, what a sweet spirit you have!
I tell you, the decluttering thing has been long coming, and I have really been putting it off, but it feels so good to start. I did tackle DD's closet and sent a bag of stuff packing to the local I got my 27 dash and trash done at the same time;)
I think that the next thing to tackle will be my tupperware drawer in the kitchen....gasp!
To answer your question, I have been promoted to the Christian Education Director at our church. This means that I am gradually stepping out of my directorship of the preschool and will take full responsiblity for the children's ministry and any children outreaches or projects. I am very excited about this, especially because I will still get to oversee the preschool and help our the upcoming directors.
I will only have one full day in the office, so I will have time to focus on home more often.
Thanks so much for stopping by! Do you have a blog I could visit? I would love to get to know you better.

Mrs. C said...

This is my first time stopping by your blog, and I wanted to say "Hi!" I discovered Fly Lady 7 years ago, and what a difference establishing routines has made in my home!

Remember that baby steps are a key. It's tempting to delve headlong in to several projects at once, but taking it slowly will help you keep from pulling your hair out.

Mrs. C

Mrs. Mandy said...

Mrs. C,
Good advice from someone who has been there is always welcome ;). I am discovering already that you are right. Part of the beauty of the dear Fly Lady's gentleness is that she constantly tells me that it is ok if I prioritize something higher than cleaning. So this time, I have a new outlook on the whole thing.
Thanks for commenting :)!