Monday, April 09, 2007


I wanted to share a pic of our proud little "soccer gamer" as he calls himself!
DD started soccer about two weeks ago, and we are totally loving it! Of course, the ball had to be orange, it IS his favorite color! Surprisingly, finding all of the equipment he needed was a slight chore because we had to go to an actual soccer store ~ didn't know they had those, did ya;) ~ to get his shin guards and cleats because he needed such small sizes. You can't tell it, but his shorts are safety pinned 'cause he my guy is so small that a YXS is too big for him, even at 4, LOL!
Primary soccer is a lot like I would imagine watching a herd of ADHD coyotes chasing a rabid bunny in the rain would appear. There is a lot of running around in packs ~ following the general direction of the target, but with a lot of falling down, bumping into each other, hoping up, stopping mid-stride to pick a weed or eat some grass and a general passing interest various bugs in your eyesight. It is great ~ no score is taken, and we all cheer no matter who gets the goal! Yup! Tons of fun to watch! And most importantly, DD LOVES it!
It has been so much fun seeing him begin to grasp the whole team concept. I never thought I would have to explain it to him, but it took him a few games and a couple of conversations with mum and dad for him to realize what a coach is. For the first two games, he kept running off the field in the middle of the practice or the game and asking me to show him how to dribble, or pass, or shoot because, "I don't know how to, mommy". After dad and I explained to him that a coach is like a teacher, he realized that he could ask his coach and has enjoyed himself much more ever since! It really helps that we have a wonderful coach. He is very patient with the kids, and his wife, mom, and dad all help out with the team! What a great example for the kids! It was such an answered prayer for us that he got such a wonderful coach! Thank you, Lord.

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