Monday, May 28, 2007

daddy, who hung the moon?

that's the title of my next quilting project. i saw this one in a previous issue of quilt it for kids that i purchased awhile back and thought that the upcoming arrival of a new niece or nephew in the family was a great occasion to start.
i am spending memorial day at home with my guys, bouncing between playing, cleaning, and sewing...does life get any better than this?

so far, i have all the pieces cut, and about 1/2 of the hst pieced together. i should have some pics to post soon.

happy memorial day to all!


Anonymous said...

Hello, was just lead to your site by your dear friend Mrs. Wilt. I've enjoyed looking around and I will be visiting often.
Best wishes,

Mrs. Mandy said...

aw, thanks stacy. mrs. wilt is a pretty awesome friend and a great lady! everyone i have met from her site has been a dear. i look forward to chatting. God bless ;)