Saturday, May 12, 2007

linen placemats

the latest quilting project on my table...other than the crayon quilt..are these linen place mats. i found the pattern in a quilt magazine, and decided that i wanted to give them a whirl. i couldn't find any cottons that i liked, but when i came across this striped linen on sale at joannes, i fell in love.

as you can see i have them all pieced, quilted, and have one bound and washed, but, alas, the others are patiently waiting for me to get off of this computer and come back to them! LOL ;) i always drag out the projects for me....why is that?...

upside - i like them because they are reversible, aka stain friendly...and the linen crinkles so much in the wash that they look and feel fantastic!

downside- i have to say that i truly hate sewing with linen. i mean, did i miss a tip somewhere that tells you how to get this slippery, wiggly, stretchy fabric to stay still???? i did use a hefty amount of spray starch, but let's face it, it would take about 8 cans to get them stiff enough to behave...i giggle when i think about the amount of build up on my ironing board. in fact, the build up on my board cover is so bad that in lieu of washing it i am considering other options like cutting it into strips and using it when i run out of tape or perhaps rubbing it onto my son's pajamas at night so he will stick to, and therefore stay in, his bed LOL ;) !

seriously, i do love the way they are coming out, so i cannot complain (much more). i did have some small pieces left over from which i cut out two 5" squares to be used as floral coasters. i have an adorable african violet pot that it setting on one,
and the other (still unfinished) will be placed in the center of the table for my vase which houses clippings from my flower gardens throughout the spring and summer.

ok, well, i better get back to it. have a great weekend and a great mothers day!

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