Saturday, May 12, 2007

mother's day flower pens

traditionally, our church honors mothers on that special sunday with a single wrapped carnation presented by the children of the church. this year, i decided that we should do something a little different, perhaps something pretty but practical?
i decided to have the kids on wednesday night help me create some neat flower pens for the moms instead.

these pens are so simple and inexpensive, and best of all...handmade by the kids!

to make them we used the following:

  • "silk" gerber daisy bunch (or any flower will do, these were just very happy!LOL, plus, i found ours at wallyworld for only $1 per 6 count bundle)
  • floral tape
  • inexpensive pens - i found 12 packs at staples for .96 each
  • ribbon to wrap (if grouping or bundling)
before church, i cut the stems short enough, and tossed out the base of each flower bundle. on wednesday night, the older kids each took one flower and tightly wrapped it against the pen using the green floral tape. that's it! we polished off the pile in very little time, and the kids loved doing it!
to make the card, i borrowed the mother's day prayer from mrs.wilt's website, changed it a little to make it generic for all moms because the kids will be presenting to all the moms, not just their own, and made a card in publisher for the youngest ones to color. while they were coloring, the older kids were making the pens and everyone got to pitch in!
we were able to make about 30 sets of 2 for less than .50 per set! I cannot wait for tomorrow when the moms get these cute, and useful, gifts!


Janet said...

Mrs. Mandy,

What a cute idea! I'm sure the mom's enjoyed this special gift Sunday! :o)

Do you have any ideas on something special for the dad's at church for Father's Day?


Mrs. Mandy said...

thanks janet! the moms really liked the pens, many took extras for other moms who weren't there on sunday so hopefully they will be a blessing to others ;)

i am working on an idea for fathers day now, just need to do a little test and price a few things, then i will post it for ya:) keep an eye out, LOL!