Thursday, May 10, 2007

one little pin

Today has been a long day.

This morning, my hubby was preparing to let our dog Greta out for the morning, and discovered that she had vomited in her crate for the second morning in a row. Alarmed, I made her an appointment and DD and I escorted her to the vet.

The doc checked her temp, felt her tummy, and took a stool sample. We discuss her eating habits, possibly switching food, and discussed other possible causes....

Then she took xrays.

When she flashed the xray up on the wall, my heart dropped. There, in the middle of my pups abdomen, was a long, bent, slender strip of white. "...possible metal....I'm not sure" the vet stated.

"I know what it is...."

Night before last, my baby had decided that I needed a toy to play with, so she brought me my pin cushion, containing the longer, thinner, and sharper pins I use when I am sewing my quilts. (She does this a lot, coming into the room with everything from socks to undies to pillows, etc.)
It was in her mouth for all of 15 seconds, just the time it takes to get it from the office to me in the living room and as soon as she dropped it, I took it away.
We immediately checked her mouth, no pins. In fact, aside from the vomiting, she has been my typical romping, loving baby!

But, alas, there it was on the xray.

At this point we faced three scenarios.
First...that the pin is still in her stomach, hasn't perforated, and isn't loose in her abdominal cavity. Surgery to remove it, needing to open up the stomach and a high risk of infection.
Second...the pin has perforated, and is loose in her stomach doing damage to her liver and allowing stomach contents loose and increasing infection risk. Surgery to get it out and clean up, pray that infection is not able to set in. is in her intestines...worst case and we don't want that....
So, after about 1 and 1/2 hours, DD and I left her with the vet and I called my mom, my hubby, and a few friends to get them to pray.

Folks, God was in it! The vet was able to do the surgery immediately, she called me about 2 hours later. She said that the pin had perforated, but was still half in and half out of her stomach, so no leakage because it was plugging the hole. Greta's stomach didn't have to be cut open, because the vet was able to just pull the pin the rest of the way out. She flushed her abdominal cavity out, to be safe, will put her on about 2 weeks of antibiotics, and I can get her tomorrow! Praise God! The vet said that it must have only broken through her stomach an hour or two before I brought her in because of the neatness and position of the puncture.

The Lord is so faithful! This worked out the best it could have, and while I am exhausted from the emotional roller coaster, I am so thankful that He cares so much for us and the ones we love.

I can't wait to get my big baby back tomorrow.


Janet said...

Hi Mrs. Mandy,

So sorry to hear about your emotional, roller coaster day with Greta. But , I am rejoicing with you that everything turned out fine!! Yes, it is so good to have a God that cares about us and our dogs. He is faithful! I'm reminded of I Peter 5:7- "Cast all your anxiety-(cares) on Him because He cares for you." I'm so glad that we have a God that cares so much about what concerns us and that there is NOTHING that we can't pray about! I've added Greta to my prayer list and will pray for the next two weeks that things go fine with the medication and that there is no infection.

I'm so glad that you and DD planted sunflower seeds!! It will be the neatest thing to watch them grow. Just wait until they get taller than him!! I'd love to see a picture!! So please post one! And yes, our great minds do think alike!! :0)

Take care and Have a great Mother's Day!! :o)


Mrs. Mandy said...

Thanks Janet. I get to go get her this afternoon and the vet said she is doing great...God is so good!

I will try to get a pic of the sunflowers up this weekend, while they are still sprouting.
We also have some maters, watermelon, cucumbers, squash, and zeuchinni seeding, and I hope to put some of them in the ground this weekend.

Happy mother's day, hon! Have a blessed weekend!

deb said...

Hi! I came over from Mrs. Wilt's blog because we like wittle doggies around our house, and I had to read the whole story. So glad everything is fine with Greta. (Cute name!)

Mrs.B. said...

Oh my!! I'm so glad Greta is OK now. I bet that was very scary! What a cutie she is too!

We're animal lovers at our house too.---We have 3 big dogs and 2 cats. In fact, our youngest dog, when he was a puppy, used to eat rocks and a couple got stuck in his intestines and he almost had to have surgery. Thankfully he didn't the vet was able to do something else to get the rocks out. I'm so thankful that we live in a day-and-age that has this kind of technology to help our fur-babies. (o:

In fact, that's one of the reasons I started a second blog, called Happy Tails . I just wanted a place to post about dog and cat things.


Mrs. Mandy said...

Deb, thanks for stopping by, Dd picked her name out, actually, all by himself and dontcha know, it suits her perfectly!
Mrs. B - I will have to stop by and check out Happy Tails! It sounds like it would be right up my alley!