Saturday, May 12, 2007

one little pin...part 2

Well, here it is folks...

...the most expensive quilting pin in the world. All in all, this little baby cost me $630 +! But at least I got to keep it as a souvenir. The vet and I are still bewildered as to how she managed to swallow this without any damage to her throat or mouth...not so much as a scratch! I've nicknamed my little lady "Goat" in honor of her astonishing ability to devour just about anything without hesitation and in total disregard to taste, texture, or nutritional value.

Her belly doesn't look all that great, with five very large stitches that she seems bent on removing manually.... we are applying creme, greta, stop licking it, giving her her antibiotics, greta stop licking it, trying to keep her calm (yeah right), greta...stop licking it, and will take her back in about two weeks to have them removed (if they survive that long!)

All in all, she is home, happy, and getting very spoiled by momma - LOL ;) She seems to bounce between being hyper and very sleepy, and she is following me everywhere, which is fine with me 'cause I really missed her!
Thanks to you all for all of your prayers, emails, and support. And I praise you, Lord, for my girlie is home again!

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