Monday, May 28, 2007

the stepping stone

after mulching our front garden area against the house, we realized that unless we jumped over or walked through the mulch, we had essentially blocked ourselves from the front yard, unless we wanted to walk all the way to the end of the front walk and around. being fundamentally lazy folks ;), i opted to find some neat stepping stones, allowing me to make a small pathway (2 steps at most, folks) across the mulch and into the yard.

i looked at the nurseries, tractor supply companies, walmart, target....and unless i wanted to memorialize my pet (neither have yet passed, would it send a mixed message?), state my belief in fairies (no....i don't), honor mother earth (who???) or "welcome ya'll to my weed garden" (excuse weeds here, thank you very much LOL!), i found quickly that there were not stones to suit me.

solution: thank you michaels craft store and your beautiful 40% off coupon.... for only $9 and some change dd and i decided to make one of our own. the kit is really neat, and they have several shapes and styles to choose from. the kit came with everything i needed, so on our memorial day saturday we got started!

i laid out the pattern - ignore the background pattern on the paper...i did LOL!

after laying out the pattern, i mixed the water into the concrete, dd helped stir (boy it was tough) and we poured the cement into the mold, smoothed it out, and tapped it to get the air bubbles to rise to the top. he helped me transfer the stained glass pieces one at a time...which he loved, then we coated his hand with cooking oil and pressed it into the center. after carefully carving his name below and 07 above, we set it out to dry.

now i have a stepping stone, personalized by my little guy, and perfect for the front flower bed. not to mention that it saves me from terrifying my pets with a premature tomb stone....

we did buy a refill of cement mix, and i am planning on using the leftover stained glass to make one to accompany this one. this will take about 1 week to fully set and dry, so i will just have to wait...


Janet said...

Hi Mrs. Mandy,

Giggle, Giggle, Don't great minds think alike? I too, went out to Michael's and bought the same kit!! (With my 40% off coupon!!) Then I went back yesterday and bought another kit with my bonus 40% off coupon!! My youngest two children are going to make that for their dad for "Father's Day". I hope that our's turn out as GREAT as yours did!! :o)

How is Greta doing? I showed our youngest two Greta's picture with the stitches and they've been praying for her every night at bedtime! Is she pretty much healed now?

Have a great day!!

Mrs. Mandy said...

Oh that is too terribly funny, gal! What a great father's day idea!
When this one dries and I can unmold it, I plan on making another one for my mom for mother's day. She actually saw this one and requested one :)!

Thanks for you and your little one's concern for the pupster. She is wild, wolley, and back at it full tilt!
She got her stitches out a few days ago, and the dog gave her a clean bill. Now if I can just keep her out of the path of the garden hose....LOL!