Saturday, May 26, 2007

the strawberry festival

today, dd, hubby, and i traveled to our local strawberry festival. we headed out early, getting there at about 10:30. the place was packed out and so much fun that i think my little guy's head was still spinning for awhile after we got home. his uncle randy met us there, and went to pick a bucket of strawberries while we hit the fun stuff. the first thing to greet us was the fair rides, including a strawberry spinner that daddy rode with dd 'cause mommy gets motion sick

uncle randy is still picking strawberries, so we walked around and checked out the craft booths. there were also a lot of really sweet animals out and about to pet, including bunnies, alpacas, baby goats, and a momma and new baby pony.
dd braved his first pony ride...
uncle randy is still picking strawberries, so dd said he wanted to ride the pretend horses now (i suppose he wanted to compare LOL) and he picked out a zebra as his proud steed on the merry-go-rounduncle randy is still picking those strawberries, so we decided to have a bite to eat. hot dogs sounded and tasted just fine, along with a cup of fresh squeezed lemonade ~ complete with a straw that my son quickly discovered would whistle in several octaves when blown into ;)
after we ate, we walked a little longer, then dd and mommy decided to top off our busy day with a ride on the ferris wheel. at this point, uncle randy had his bucket filled, and joined us in time to see dd take his first ferris wheel ride.
we had a wonderful time. the day was sunny and a little hot, but the spring rain held off until about 2 hours after we got back home, praise God!

mommy, "dd, what was your favorite part of the festival?"
dd, " straw that sings"
of course...... hee hee! hey, he had a great time, and that's what really matters!

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Janet said...

Mrs. Mandy,

Looks like you all had a great time at the Strawberry Festival!! I've never seen a "Strawberry Spinner" ride before. (I too, don't like rides that go in sharp, fast, circles! ;o) So glad, that you had a beautiful day!! It rained here all day, so we just stayed in and played board games and watched a dvd.

Have a great Memorial Day Week-end!!