Sunday, May 20, 2007

strawberry to jam

dd and i spent about an hour on saturday sitting in the rows of our local strawberry patch. he had so much fun lifting up the leaves and looking for the reddest berries he could find. in fact, he ate more than he put in our bucket!
"how many strawberries did you eat, dd?"
he takes a minute, thoughtfully contemplating......"28!" with a big, red, grin
hee hee, i actually think it was closer to 50 or so! in the end we had red fingers, full bellies, a bucket full of beautiful strawberries, and some great stories to tell daddy when we got home.
then came the question of what to do with these little red guys. i purchased the equipment to do some canning last year, but my tomatoes did not do well enough for me to can, so it has been gathering dust as a paperweight in my basement. it occurred to me that this was a great opportunity for me to try my hand at some canning. i dusted off the equipment, broke out my ball blue book of preserving and my copy of clearly delicious (a definite recommendation for anyone wanting some great canning recipes), and found a quick and easy jam recipe.

about 2 hours later....
i had 7 half-pints of strawberry jam! enough canned to give out, store, and save for some christmas presents! the recipe actually made enough for the 7 half-pints, and for a full pint that went straight into the fridge. it is very sweet and yummy! i'm hoping to go back on either tues. or thurs. this week for another bucket full to try the strawberry-pear butter recipe and the strawberry-kiwi preserves. perhaps my tomatoes and peppers will do better this year so i can add some salsa and pickled peppers for some great gift baskets this year.

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