Saturday, June 09, 2007

my new space

well, i finally took repossession of my quilting/guest room. after beginning my latest project and having my kitchen table engulfed for about a full week i decided to simply get creative and make a way to use this extra bedroom space while making it flexible enough to convert to a guest bedroom quickly. with the help of a great book called creating your perfect quilting space by lois hallock i took a quick inventory of what i had and came up with what you see below. this area uses about 1/2 of the floor space in the room, but still gives me the "u" shape workstation that the author recommends which should significantly speed up my sewing while easing the strain on my neck and back. and the best part, dh took the leftover styrofoam insulation panels from the basement, mounted a few on the wall and after a quick covering with batting, i finally have a design wall!!!! you can see my progress on my "daddy who hung the moon?" quilt.God really blessed me because the drop leaf table came from my mom, the night stand and dresser were already in the room, so no $$ was spent. when we have company, i can simply tuck the table up to the corner, stow the ironing board and the sewing machine, and move the nightstand. after bringing the box spring and mattress up, i can place it where on the right wall and voila! a guest room reappears. i get to try out this new layout this weekend, as i have to interrupt my current project to work on a quick request for a couple of fun gift quilts that need to be completed by to come ;)


Janet said...

Hi Mrs. Mandy:

I thought of you this afternoon!! :o) After church this afternoon we took a drive to visit my in-laws. (They live about an hour from us.) We stopped by "Deep River County Park" to let the kids run around a bit and see the sites there. Inside the Visitor's Center and Old Mill Building they had the MOST BEAUTIFUL QUILTS!!! One was a bunch of canning jars each filled with different items. Some were made with bee material, fieflies, etc. I looked at that and thought I bet Mrs. Mandy could make one like that. There was also another one with corn husks on each square. My description doesn't do it justice. They were gorgeous!! Another quilt with houses and trees. Well, since I just got a new digital camera and I'm picture happy... I took several pictures of them. :o) Someday, I'll figure out a way to show them to you!!

The quilt you are working on is BEAUTIFUL!! How long does it take to make it??

Take care!!


Mrs. Mandy said...

oooo, i wanna see, i wanna see ;)
seriously, you should check into flickr, they let you load pics and share with others (public or private), and is pretty easy to use.
our local library has an annual quilt show and i love to visit and get inspired.
to answer your question, the work you see took about a week of working here and there for about 30-60 minutes at a time...a tedious pattern. the mystery project that i am working on right now is quicker, i'll have both of them finished by thursday. pics to come. ;)