Sunday, June 17, 2007

pink lady project

ok...what could possible pull me from my daddy who hung the moon project? behold....

these beautiful ladies are two quilts that i was commissioned to complete as a special secret project. story ~ my father celebrated a milestone birthday this year, and to help him celebrate, two close friends of the family had him "flocked"! they paid a local charitable organization to stake 32 flamingos in my parents front yard with a big happy birthday sign. what a hoot!

since then the pink flamingo phenomenon has been following him as a running gag ever since, a constant reminder of the flocking. even going so far as to bestow a terribly tacky mug on him at church one week, along with a lot of good natured giggles from my dad figured he would wait for his chance to get even.

so, as their birthdays are both within these two weeks of june, my father decided that he needed to return the flocking....but with class
that is where i came in. one of my favorite pattern books has a pink flamingo wall hanging pattern that i really wanted to try, but didn't know what in the world i would do with when i finished. i mean, this is one of those patterns that you really try to find a good excuse to make. dad solved the issue for me, he asked me if he could pay me to create two of these to bestow upon these two special women as a way of flocking them. the catch, i had to do it in one week!

yippee! i love a challenge and i love the pattern, so on saturday i was off to the fabric store to purchase my necessities ~ hawaiian shirt fabric, 6 fat quarters, and two rolls of batting later, i was on my way home, ready to roll!

i finished them both on saturday, complete with pole sleeve (a first for me) and quilt label on the back. i had
soooooo much fun with these little gals. i did tweak the pattern to make it my own, adding the purple eyelids and eyelashes, just to make them a little more prissy.

i outlined quilted the flamingos, and free motion quilted waves around each flamingo, outline quilted the pink hibiscus flowers in the border, with free motion filling around the rest.

now, of course these had to have the perfect bag, but alas we could not find pink flamingo gift i made them!

i purchased two .99 pink gift bags from target, then at home i cut a panel of flamingos from the same fabric i used to make the label and glued it to the front of the bag with craft glue, bordered with a glued down piece of ribbon, and completed with some small pink feathers glued to two gals. add a gift tag from target, and voila!
pretty cool, huh!

best of all, my dad was so pleased! i had a great time, and i think the two ladies will really appreciate their prissy flamingo friends.


Janet said...

Oh! Mrs. Mandy,

I just love the quilts!! Like I've said before...."You truly are one talented gal!!" I do like your dad'd sense of humor. Cute and classy!! I can't believe that you shoppped and got it all done on one Saturday!! You sure must of been busy!!

I saw DD's pictures from the zoo and swimming in the Pirate Ship at the "Sparrows Nest". Looks like your little ones have a blast when they get together! :o)

Did you and Mrs. W grow up together? Did you meet each other in college? Just curious!! You two are lucky to have each other as friends. You both seem like such nice, sweet, Christian ladies.

Oh, one more question... What was the gift that you were going to price out for "Father's Day" to give each dad at church? I'm always looking for new ideas, because I usually am in charge of the special events like these at church. THANKS!!

Well, gotta go now!

Take care and Have a blessed week! :o)


Mrs. Mandy said...

oh, let me clarify...once i got the fabric, i took a week to finish them. superwoman i aint ;) LOL!

for fathers day, we bought hankies at Wallyworld (12 pack for $3.00), and bags of mints, kisses, and hugs. i set up an assembly line in the classroom and had each child place 3 of each goodie into the center of the hanky, then tied them with a green ribbon. all in all, 24 hankies cost us about less than $15 to make. not bad....

i had planned on using fabric crayons and letting the kids draw on them to make them a little more special(you can iron on some freezer paper to stabalize them, and iron-set the crayon to make it permanent), but with lots of people on vacation, we had only about 5 kids that wednesday night, so i thought doing 4-5 each would be a little too much ;)

hope that helps!

Mrs. Mandy said...

oh, mrs. w and i met via our hubbies who went to college together (as we did, just not blocked in the same group), then we worked together for a few years teaching. we have so much in common and she truly is my best gal pal! God is so good about giving us close friends that we can trust, be ourselves around, be accountable to, and who love us without condition...she is one of those :)
it helps that our boys get along really well too! nothing puts a smile on dds face like hearing that we are going to visit!