Saturday, June 09, 2007

tiny tot graduation

my preschool celebrated the graduation of our 3rd set of seniors. i wanted to post pics of the grad cake i did for those who are interested. the general idea came from, tweaked a little for my crew. i cut the individual kids faces out of fondant and make name plaques to make the cake more personal.

as always, it was a super cute ceremony, with our 2z, 3z, and grads all singing (many quite loudly), lots of laughs, smiles, and fun!

my cakes are always a big hit, but i am here to admit that it is largely due to research, not pure talent.
ok...for those who want it, here is a great way to "adjust" a box mix to make a spectacular chocolate pound cake! this is what i use when i don't want to use my scratch recipe. doesn't work for other flavors, just ends up too heavy:

Doctored Chocolate Pound Cake
you need:
1 box of devil's food cake mix
1 3.4oz pkg of chocolate instant pudding
4 large eggs
1 1/4 cups water
1/2 cup vegetable oil
preheat to 350. prepare 2 9" or 10" cake pans (i love baker's secret is the best!) combine all ingredients and blend on medium speed for about 3 minutes. pour, tap, place in over for about 50-60 minutes until toothpick is clean. remove, cool in pan for about 20 - 30 minutes, then invert onto rack.
and, confession, i hate store bought fondant, i pick it off! so i found a super marshmallow fondant recipe that is super yummy and is so easy and cheap to prepare!
Marshmallow Fondant
you will need:
1 16oz bag of mini marshmallows
2 tbsp water
2 lb bag of sugar
place marshmallows and water in a microwave safe bowl and nuke for approx 60 seconds, until marshmallows puff. remove and stir until smooth. add powdered sugar (and flavoring, if you wish) and stir until you have to pull it out and knead it. knead about 10-12 times, then you are ready to roll. this prepares enough fondant to cover a double layer 9" cake, with a little left over to cut out fun accents. the way, if you are going to prep all one color, add it right before sugar to make it easy;)


Kelly Buddenhagen said...

ADORABLE, cake, Mrs. Mandy! Your little ones are super lucky to have you! Really creative and fun!

Janet said...

Mrs. Mandy:

What a beautiful cake!! I'm sure that your little ones loved it! I'm sure that their parents did too!!
It looks ALMOST TOO GOOD to eat! :o)

Pre-School Programs are always so cute!! You never can predict what will happen!!


Mrs. Mandy said...

thanks so much.
it was a lot of fun to make, but i hafta tell ya that my floor was sticky for two days and 5 moppings! greta loved it though, she really tried to like the sugar off of the floor!