Monday, July 09, 2007

happy anniversary my love

about 5 years before this picture was taken, my youth pastors encouraged me to make a list of everything that i wanted in a future husband. after taking some time to prayerfully consider each item, i finally had my list. i remember writing it on the board on the back of my bedroom door and claiming each of them for my future husband. among those items listed were: love God truly with all of his heart, a strong spiritual family leader, open to a family committed to full-time ministry, love children....

my dearest husband, you are a tribute to the faithfulness of our Lord to answer our prayers for you are everything i listed and so much more than i had thought i needed. i love you, and cannot wait for the rest of our life together.

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Grace said...

Wow - our college pastor did the same thing with us. As a result, God brought us together in a miraculous way as direct answers to prayer on both our parts. God is so cool, isn't He?