Monday, July 09, 2007

manic monday

well, besides being one of the hottest days of the summer for us here in good ole virginny (too hot for me to drink coffee...ya know it is toasty! LOL!) it was also a very busy one. i am taking tomorrow off work to spend the day with hubby golfing, eating lunch, and generally hanging-out 'cause tomorrow is our 9th anniversary. yes, 9 years ago i married my best friend between you and me one of the smartest things i ever did!
i had a full day at work, scheduling field trips, coordinating children's ministry activities, meeting with various prek staffers about various prek items, etc. i am enjoying the new position at work. so far i haven't had as much time at home, but summer is peak busy time 'cause with all the kids outta school, i get to fill the time for them! i am still praying for wisdom in continuing to train and develop my leadership team, but i have the time now to work out in the mornings, i have a super garden in the back yard (pictures to come), i am getting thursday's with my little guy, and have found more time for quilting and practicing my guitar. blessings, and as i adjust to the schedule and continue to get guidance from the Lord it will get even better!
today, when i got home i helped hubby fill little man's swimming pool, changed for the gym, then was delayed when my little guy achieved an unfortunate milestone by stepping on his first baby bumblebee.
poor little poppet.
after a lot of tears, peroxide, and yes ~tweezers to remove a stinger ~ he was giggling again and i was off for my aerobics class...had a sub teacher...don't wanna talk about it ;)
came home, cooked dinner, gave the dog a bath (gave myself a backache in the process, but she is ohsofluffy), put little man to bed, and now i am settling down to watch one of my favorite shows.
busy, yet happy day.

today inspired me to take a minute and count my many blessings ~

5 little blessings to count today:
1. sunsets
2. garden fresh vegetables
3. my little boy's laughter
4. freshly painted toenails
5. a good acoustic guitar CD

got 5 little blessings you want to share?

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Janet said...

Hi Mrs. Mandy,

First of all, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY! Nine years!! CONGRATULATIONS!! :o)
(My hubby and I will be married 23 years on August 11.) Enjoy this special day with your hubby/best friend!! I hope you both have a great time golfing, having lunch, and just enjoying each others company!

So sorry to hear that DD had his "first" bumble bee bite experience. :o( But, glad to hear that he's o.k. and giggling again.

Here's my five little blessings for today.................

1. The pitter-patter of rain on the roof after an extremely hot day!

2. Seeing that "special smile" on my son's face when he FINALLY caught a fish while fishing this afternoon. (We have a pond behind our house that the Park District stocks with fish that my son LOVES me to take him fishing at!)

3. Being able to sit together as a family, watch a Shiloh DVD and share popcorn.

4. Having my two youngest children, one on each side of me, taking turns reading a bed-time story. (Even though, we've heard it MANY times before!)

5. Being able to spend a few minutes conversing by computer, with a special Christian gal pal named Mrs. Mandy! :o)


P.S. My children and I have wondered what your picture is on your blog... Is it a picture of a lamb?? Is there a special story that goes with it? We're just curious!!