Sunday, July 01, 2007

safari park, here we come

finally, a chance for a family mini-vaca! we have been trying to get away for awhile, so this sat. dd, dh, and i headed over to natural bridge to visit the safari park. i love living in VA, we are so close to so many amazing places that we can just hop over to for a day of fun, and still come home and sleep in our own little beds!
unfortunately, the day began a little out of kilter, as we took a curvier route (to save some time....yeah right) and my little guy ended up ralphing in the back seat. so, after spending about 20 minutes rinsing my nearly naked kid with bottled water on the side of the road, we loaded up and proceeded to drive to the nearest walmart for new undies, shorts, and shoes.

he did end up with a cool tie-dye souvenir t-shirt (pictures below), which he loved. he was such a trooper, after his mouth finished "exploding" - as he puts it, he quietly stated..."mommy, now we have to go to the zoo."
can't argue with that, so off we went.

the safari park at natural bridge is by far one of the best places to visit if you have kids! we began by visiting the feeding area, where dd got to feed the goats, baby goats, and pigs.

we have to cutest video of him doing this with the babies, he kept saying, "aw, you're so you". adorable!
the kangaroos were a little to pooped to hop....
boy, just looking at this guy made me want a nap!

we also saw "the guys from madagascar who like to move it, move it!" as dd says....

they had several huge tortoises, this guy was the biggest, and the close enough to touch, although i wouldn't recommend it!

in his own, true, 4 year-old style, dd loved the huge fake turtle even more than the real ones!

by far the best thing about the park was the hay ride! the largest part of the zoo is wide open land where many animals are allowed to roam free. you can either drive through (and have a llama steal your tissues from the front of your car), or buy a hayride ticket that gets you a one-hour tour and a bucket of food to use to feed the animals. as i said, they are running around loose for you to observe and interact with. we saw so many amazing animals.

first up was junior. dd got to feed junior during the first part of the tour. it was really one of those oh my goodness everyone should do this at least once sorta things... dd also got to feed the buffalo and the camels. - not to mention the pigs, llamas, birds......... and, although we didn't get to feed them they like to nibble on fingers we go within touching distance of a zebraand later on he got to pet an albino corn snake (sarah) who was making the rounds in the zoo.

we had a great time, and both my wild things agreed that it was well worth the trip (and the vomit)!


Mrs. C said...

Looks like you had a wonderful day in spite of the rought start. :)
My children would love to see all of those animals up close and personal.

Mrs. C

Janet said...

Mrs. Mandy,

Looks like you and your family had a great time at Safari Park! :o)

Sometimes, I giggle when I read your posts. We do some of the same things that you do with your family. We took a trip to Brookfield Zoo on Saturday! It wasn't too hot weatherwise... but, some of the animal houses at the zoo sure were a little stinky!!! We all had a great time!!

We plan on going to the Shedd Aquarium next week and to a children's Amusement Park called Kiddieland next week! Do you see any aquarium or amusement park visits in your future?? We too, like where we live, because we can travel to a lot of neat places and still make it home that night and sleep in our own beds! :o)

Have a great July 4!!!!!


Mrs. Mandy said...

seeing the animals up close was so super cool!!

janet, we don't have an aquarium close enough, but dd did get to visit the National Aquarium in Baltimore last summer, and he loved it!

we are planning on visiting Natural Bridge and the zoo there next week, still trying to take those mini-vacations!

we actually have an Amazement Square - a 4 floor science and discovery museum, that dd and dh have a membership for. he loves it, and they update it quite often.

hope you had a great 4th! ;) M.