Sunday, July 22, 2007

tennessee treasures

our trip to tennessee not only gave us a chance to visit with family, but it also brought some treasures my way...
first of all, i got to visit my first out-of-town quilt shop! yeah, yeah, i know, how can an avid quilter for several years not seek out those wonderful little shops as she travels? two reasons my friend, first...i haven't been traveling (mainly due to work), and second...i haven't had opportunity as many times when i am travelling it is on a tight timeline. but this time, when i spotted a billboard on the interstate for the little blessings quilt shop in tennessee i squealed and mentioned it to dh who chuckled and said maybe...not because of a lack of burning need and desire to stand beside me as i caressed bolts of fabric and oohed and ahhed over new books and notions (note sarcasm), but rather because it was 12:00 am, and likely i couldn't go without breaking in and having to schedule time to visit the local jail as well.
well, the idea got tabled and didn't return to my mind as we hopped from family to family over the next few days, but, as we were on our way to visit my cousin crystal and her lovely family and i saw another billboard. quickly i realized that my exit for her house was also the exit for the shop! for joy! so dd and dh agreed to grant me me some time to visit, dropping me off and seeking other things to do for awhile. unfortunately, the local fireworks shop was closed, and dd was quite tired, so my visit was cut short and we journeyed on to crystal's.
but my hubby is so fantastic, he really wanted me to return to the shop and enjoy browsing, so he watched dd while he napped and i did return later that day with crystal....

at the shop i picked up several charm squares (they don't carry them at my local shop, so this was a great treat), which i intend to turn into a throw for my bedroom and a table runner. i also picked up some remnant floral fabric for 25% off, and a new fat quarter friendly book. i paid too much for the book, but it had a an interlocking star pattern that i truly adored, and home it came! overall a very good haul, and i stayed well under $100!
as if this wasn't enough, that evening revealed another quilting treat.
my cousin tammy, also a quilter, called me into her room so we could go through her collection of my grandma pauline's quilt scraps. i came home with several! gotta love true vintage...
as we chatted and perused (what a wonderful time, i really miss her!) she pulled out this beauty
apparently, grandma pauline was in the process of creating a quilt for each of her surviving children, but she went to be with the Lord before she finished. this top tammy had been able to keep.
ok, really, how cool is this thing! it is truly a genuine scrap quilt, made of old shirts and scraps, nothing from a fabric store here folks. she had used a turtle block (created from a modified drunkard's path) to create a fun and bright quilt top for her youngest son. can you see the turtles???
my cousin and i had fun looking at it and talking family stuff, then she surprised and honored me by asking me to take this treasure home and complete the quilt.
once i resumed breathing, we agreed that i could do this and then get the quilt back to her when i finished. it does make me nervous, because i want to do it and grandma justice. but, i came up with a plan!
i am now piecing a small-scale table runner using the same block. i can then quilt it using several different pattern ideas, then show tammy and let her give me input before i begin on the real deal.
this will not only let me have a sample to share with tammy, but i am creating this sample sized for a piece of furniture in my living room and dipping into my own stash of grandma's scraps, so i will have a mini replica of my own! i hope to post pics of a finished sample top soon!
as if all this wasn't enough, my most recent order from connecting was awaiting me when i returned home
can't wait to use the scallop tool for a quilt binding! so much to little time... ;)

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