Thursday, July 19, 2007

where u been?

alas, this last week was a very busy one...even on the mrsmandy scale of busy it was busy!
on thursday, our family travelled to the natural bridge zoo - dd's zoo count #6 (just ask, he'll tell ya LOL;))
dd and daddy rode asha, the african elephant.

then, after feeding the giraffes, visiting the baby camels and bears, dd took a minute to ride an alligator

we ended the trip getting our picture taken with the baby tiger cub, india. she is on loan from another zoo, so we couldn't hold her, but she kept swatting dd with her tail and he loved it, mommy, this baby tiger loves me so much!


on friday, i got a special treat! i had a daddy-daughter day with my pop! as an anniversary and birthday gift to me, my parents wanted to purchase some much needed tires for my car and they insisted (rightly so) that we take care of it before our road trip this past weekend. so, while sams installed my newly gifted tires, my dad loaded up some bikes and we hit the bike trails that my hometown created to replace the old railway tracks downtown on the riverfront. what a blessing it was to spend those hours with my father, riding through tunnels and on tree-shaded paths by the river. we had a chance to exercise, talk, and just enjoy each other's company. i am so blessed to have such a great daddy, he even took me to lunch after and went with me to pick up our newly-painted school bus which i then delivered to the school. it was a wonderful day that we plan on repeating soon!


after arriving home from my bike trip we all began packing for a quickly planned and swiftly executed trip to tennessee. it was truly one of those i-can-get-the-weekend-free-have-the-opportunity-haven't-been-in-far-too-long moments that we couldn't pass up, especially considering that my dh will be back in football season ~ and therefore mia until after thanksgiving~ beginning next week, making this the only time we can all go. we left on saturday right after a baby shower, and arrived in tennessee at my uncle's house at about midnight (our time). the trip was great, and dd travels wonderfully, but having just arrived home today, i have to say that i am pooped!

saturday - wednesday

i was able to deliver the daddy, who hung the moon quilt to my cousin, visit with my 89-year-old grandmother, and spend time with family that i hadn't seen in a long while. i also came home with some quilting treasures....... i'll share more on our trip later, right now i have about 10 pounds of laundry and some work to make up.

ps. janet - my avitar is a llama! i took her pick about a year and a half ago at a petting zoo while visiting my sis in new york. i thought she was just so posh, and yet so....not. love her! ;) have a great day lady!

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Janet said...

Hi Mrs. Mandy:

WOW! Seems like you sure had a busy week, but alot of fun!! :o)

I love the pic of your hubby and DD on the elephant! My Bryon and Brittany would of loved to ride the elephant! I think my kids love zoos and animals as much as your DD does!!

We did manage to get away a couple of days too! We took the kids to Kiddie Land and then to Chuck E Cheese for dinner. Kiddie Land is an amusement park with rides geared toward children. They had a lot of fun! The weather was PERFECT!!

The next day was what my kids called "Mom's Day Out". We drove to Greendale, Wisconsin and ate at the "Taste of Home Restaurant". Have you ever heard of that magazine?? (It's a cooking magazine with recipes.) Then we toured Reiman Publications. They had a test kitchen where they were testing some recipes for future magazines. We tried the famous "Minnesota Munchie Cookies". They were pretty good! I spent some time shopping in the "Taste of Home Outlet Store" and got a few deals. Then we walked behind the outlet store and they had a GORGEOUS garden/ park/ forest/ walking area. We walked on the trail and saw some beautiful flowers! We also let the kids spend some time playing at the park. It was a nice, relaxing, fun, day! (My kids even said they enjoyed it! :o)

You mentioned that starting next week your hubby will be MIA due to football season starting. How does football season make your hubby MIA?? You know me, CURIOUS.. so I thought I'd ask!!

Thanks for telling us that your picture was a llama! My kids were so surprised!! So we had to do a little reading and research on llamas. INTERESTING!!

Oh, well, I've probably RATTLED on way TOO MUCH, so I'll quit for now!

Take care and have a GREAT week-end!!