Monday, August 06, 2007

a little at a time

well, the sunflowers are finally blooming and i am surprised at how quickly they can grant me a smile as i pass them at the beginning and end of my day. with a few recent changes to our household, i have to admit that i have deepened a few more frown lines on my face where laugh lines should be prevalent.

dh is now fully season. generally this means predawn to 11 or 12 midnight daily, and this year seems to be a little tougher to bounce into. i miss him. dd misses him. and the phone just isn't quite the same, ya know. but i am thankful that he still gets to lie beside me at night - even if i am unaware of his arrival and departure.

we also got hit pretty hard financially this past few months. but, thanks to some great guidance from Crown financial ministries, and some prayerful decision making, we have reestablished our family budget, not only getting back in the green, but also freeing up about $150+ per month to put towards debt by making some small changes:
-transferring a credit card debt to a 0% balance - saved interest
-closing out our land line, we use our cells more anyway - saved $60
-each of us has a set amount of cash in our pockets each pay period that is ours for lunch at work, or for a treat if we want it, but we cannot use the check card and when the cash is gone, it is gone - saved us unknown amounts of nickel and dimeing ourselves to pieces.

so, the tough stuff is being tackled a little at a time. God is on our side. everythings gonna be fine!

on a good note, i got to spend a great week with my nephew and niece, they even came to the preschool with me...boy did i get spoiled to being able to pop in and hug them whenever i wanted. something that i have not been able to do as they have lived 6-8 hours away for most, if not all, of their lives. and i must say, they are such sweet kids! i am so excited that they will now only be 2 1/2 hours away!

also on a good note, my mini turtle table runner is almost complete. i was able to use only grandma's scraps, and only have the scalloped-edged binding left. yippee!!!

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