Thursday, August 23, 2007

a weekend of firsts

i am sooooo excited! tomorrow morning at about 6 am i will be setting off, on my own, headed to my first gal-vacation ever! for the first time i will be travelling to Tennessee by myself and there i will meet up with my cousin and spend the weekend at a quilt show/convention in Nashville!
my first solo vaca
my first quilt convention
today dd and i prepped the car ~ wash, vacuum, oil change ~ and i got the house ready to leave to my dh, laundry and cleaning, packing and mapping.
i also got started on something that i have been wanting to do for awhile

i began to fold and organize my fabric stash. it took awhile to get started, but once i did i realized that it is instantly gratifying and the result is beautiful. it also saves a lot of space! so now i am ready to go and enjoy....

let's see,! can i leave now?!?


tammygirl said...

What a wonderful weekend! I am so very blessed to have you as my friend, cousin, and sisterin Christ! I have spent hours looking through the weekend's pictures!

Ode To Wilted Cucumber Slices

Cool cucumber
circled my tired eyes
when closed
a caberet of fabric
before me.
Steam filled my thoughts
dreams of dancing quilts
A weekend performance
of friendship.

Mrs. Mandy said... i wipe away the tears and fight to catch my breath from laughing so hard i say
ditto girlfriend!
what a poet you are!!
next year we do it again, eh!?!