Sunday, September 09, 2007

room finished.....for now

well, it is official the stash has been conquered! behold

ok, granted that this does not include the inherited fabric from my grandmother. in fact, the tub is immediately to the left of the the closet.....dunno how i'll get it out without undoing all my hard work.....should have planned better, huh? LOL!

i have also been tweaking my room layout,having resigned myself to the fact that my quilting room in the basement will likely remain concrete and partially studded walls until after November when DHs work slows. so, after consulting creating your perfect quilting space i did a little low-budget renovation and was able to streamline and organize my space. (sorry pics are a little fuzzy, camera didn't flash)...
to the right of my closet door and on the left side of the window I placed an inexpensive shelf from lowes on which i placed my wip boxes, and two canvas caddies, one containing random scraps of fabric too yummy to toss, but too small to fold and the other holding my spray cans, etc. under the shelf is greta's crate.there is the matching shelf, installed on the other side of the window. this shelf got my speakers off of my dresser/cutting area. it also houses my cd boxes, pics, and on the far left shoe boxes with precut 1 1/2" and 2" fabric strips. The dresser was my grandmas, and i think she would like it being used in my sewing room. the drawers come in handy to store various items, with many having baskets inside to keep the drawers themselves organized. DH has promised to build an extension for the back to give me more adequate cutting width.....after season....sigh....

the table is a drop leaf kitchen table that is a great height for cutting. the drop leafs are handy when i need a bigger table for a large quilt, but still allows me to keep my space by leaving them down when not in use.

my design board is behind my chair, and my grandma's bedside table to the left of the chair, allowing me a small cutting area and storage for my books and magazines.

the other side of the design wall has become home to my cutting mat and ruler storage. three small 3m hooks was all it took. the other wall is used when i need my ironing board out. i am currently looking into small alternatives.........oh yeah, my current project is on the table. my reward for completing my first essay assignment for this class in my graduate studies (hey, no effort is too small to reward, right?)

i purchased the center fabric last year, and never got around to using it.
the colors are actually a lot brighter, but again, no flash.

fall fever has hit me pretty hard, after this i plan on starting a candy corn table runner. i am excited because it will have to be my own layout/design...... fun,fun,fun!

all right T. i wanna see your space soon..... ;0)


Mrs. C said...

You did a wonderful job! Everything looks so nice.
Mrs. C

Kelly said...

That looks fantastic...I wish it were in my home! :D Happy quilting and happy autumn!