Saturday, October 27, 2007

operation happy holidays ~ phase 1 complete!

about 6 weeks ago inspiration hit. i decided to begin working on my Christmas presents for family now so i wouldn't be so pushed in the end of December with the conclusion of my latest class and gift making.

i decided on 4 quilt projects, all lap size, and all for family. operation happy holidays was ready for launch!

i decided to stash bust and get creative - using fabric and patterns i already had along with some of my current wips to fill my list. i decided on a quilt for my mother, one for my sister, and one each for my nephew and niece. now, my nephew and niece do have a quilt already, but they are both minkee baby quilts and i think the two little darlins are ready for their "drag around the house make a tent, play peek-a-bo" big kid quilts! also, i must confess that working with these fabrics make me so happy and is a great way to alleviate stress!

my nephew will be getting the assembled puzzle quilt that has been sitting - cut and ready for sewing assembly- in one of my wip boxes.

talk about happy! everything from rainbows to dancing farm animals, orange leopard prints to fun loving monsters. the colors are bright and bold, and the pattern - while requiring a lot of planning and careful piecing - is fun! i finished piecing the blocks this weekend and hope to have the top pieced by next week ready to go on my new Flynn quilting frame. it will be the maiden voyage of my Flynn frame, another great incentive to get the top done!

and, drum roll please.......operation happy holidays phase 1 ~ complete!

this lap quilt is for my little niece and its completion was my way of celebrating the successful finale of my first master's class this semester (i got an A!). in the week between my first and second class, i got this little gal's present cut, pieced, and quilted.

i used variegated pink and lime threads for this happy little blankie. machine quilting was much easier using a new method i picked up. you divide the block into eighths or the border into sections and then, using those grid lines, repeat a pattern but without a lot of marking - good for me 'cause i loathe marking.
the background and setting triangles have a heart pattern, as does the pink inner border. The checker border has simple lime green fluers, and the purple outer border has interlocking hearts. .....theme?....a lot of love in this quilt! aside from it's simplicity, i chose this pattern because it comes from "Sissy n me" designs, and this is for my big sissy's little girl - who is also a sissy! too cool! plus, honestly, what little girl doesn't love purple, pink, and lime green???
again, the quilting was sooo much easier when i divided up the block into eights - the checkerboard lent itself to a natural line of division - and then simply repeated the same pattern. the quilting is continuous in each section and is among the most detailed i have done to date.
i think my little gal will love it and that it will get a lot of great use. now, phase 2.......

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