Sunday, January 13, 2008

i did something....really i did

ok, so we all know i didn't do any blogging over this holiday season. admittedly, it crossed my mind from time to time, then the little one in the belly won and to bed i went to nap the day (and my nausea) away.

well, despite the tummy issues, finishing my master's course, and all the holiday comings and goings, i did manage to complete the quilts for my niece and my nephew.

i waited until a trip to mom and dad's to photo them so i could use their sun room for some actual color-correct pictures.
this is alex's finished quilt. it is a puzzle quilt that turned out a little larger than i had thought, but it will just be more for him to drag around! hey, you have to have a lot of fabric to make a tent with a blankie:) LOL!

i have had the pieces cut and the grid completed for over a year +, but it sat, unminded, until i reorganized my room and moved it to one of my WIP boxes. again, those things are really paying off! when considering a good project for him for Christmas, my eyes immediately went to the little window where this guy whimpered "ooooo! me!me! please finish me!"

when i quilted it, i had a lot of fun free-forming each puzzle piece in a design that harmonized with the fabric the piece was constructed from. stars and loops on the star block, swirly bee-like trails on the bumblebee fabric, etc. i even went so far as to use a different color thread as needed to best coordinate with the background. the way i figure, i was feeling good, had the time, and needed a little sewin fun! so there you have it!
this is little charlotte's quilt. i know, you've seen it, but the color came out so much better in this one that i had to re-post.
as well as my quilting room has been, alas it must be removed to the basement so that it may be converted into the much more important, and needed, nursery! dh has three walls framed out in our unfinished basement that will become my new guest/sewing/play room and i am hoping we will get that finished within the next month or two before we find out (early march) the little one's gender. once i have that little piece of info, my desire to nest will run amuck and i fear i will simply transplant my sewing room anywhere it will fit in my desperate need to prepare the nursery!
for now though, i have two throws for the living room to quilt, my next master's class to complete, and a new little one to sing to.....busy, busy gal am i. ;)

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