Friday, March 28, 2008

a very hungry caterpillar quilt

ok, i have to share that my thursday routine of running mundane, but needed, errands was brightened considerably as i stopped into my local favorite quilt shop. after picking up the needed backing fabric for my current project (matching sock monkey quilts for dd and baby matthew) i happened to ask if they were stocking the newest eric carle themed prints by andover fabric. ....... and they do!
in fact, one of the ladies was currently cutting the fabric for another employee who had found a free pattern online and phoned in the fabric requirements before it was snatched off the shelves.

i went home, found the free pattern here and called. she said she would be more than happy to cut what i needed for my project and i could simply pick it up the next time i was in town.

for joy!

a day destined for multiple stops for numerous errands had quickly been lightened by a nice little surprise. how God blesses us with the little things......

ok... admittedly, despite its decidedly kid-oriented theme, this is a me project. this book has always been one of my favorites, used frequently when i taught kindergarten and preschool. it also became a favorite of dd as a child and i am sure baby matthew will love it as well.

in fact, i have often browsed the batik section, dreaming of designing and creating my own hungry caterpillar quilt but seeing as how they beat me to it - hey, i won't be reinventing the wheel! while it will likely have to wait until after my sewing room has been constructed and relocated, after the baby arrives and we get settled and i have a little me time to sew, i plan on placing it directly into one of my wip boxes.
for now, i hope to get my monkey quilts basted and start quilting by this weekend. pics to come???? :)


Anonymous said...

Mrs. Mandy,

Oh, "The Hungry Caterpillar" quilt looks BEAUTIFUL!! I can't wait to see your finished products!! I can't wait to see your monkey quilts too!! Have a fun and enjoyable week-end doing what you love!! :o)

Any ideas of what 3 and 4 year olds can do for Mother's Day Gifts at preschool?? I'm looking for new ideas.


Mrs. Mandy said...

thanks, as always, for the kind words. i actually didn't get any progress made on my sock monkeys 'cause we had a very busy weekend. perhaps tomorrow?
as far as mother's day, we have used a few different ideas in recent years. one was the flower pens - you purchase some inexpensive silk flowers and wrap the stems with floral tape so that the flower ends up on the top of the pen.
we have also used the cookie in a jar receipes to make a special gift for mom.
also, you can make a "cake in a mug" - you give mom an inexpensive dollar-store mug with baggies the kids have prepared as in the recipe. this is a less expensive option to the cookie in a jar and it unusual.
all three of these are quick and the kids can definitely do it with a little bit of help.
hope that helps! :) have a great week!