Monday, April 14, 2008

monkey in the middle

well, i have finished one monkey quilt. oddly enough this is the "extra" that i made, having intended the lighter, pastel version to be for the new bb. once big brother saw it, however, he staked his claim and quickly made this "my new favorite other blankie! " so monkey went with him to preschool today to enjoy nap with him. he was so tickled, and when i asked if the monkey quilt worked out he happily told me, "yup! it didn't even make me sweaty!" a more sound endorsement couldn't be made!
i also got some news this morning that threw me for a little loop. our pastors have determined that the church cannot support opening of a new kindergarten in the fall as they had formerly believed they could. the church has been hit pretty hard lately, and i can completely see the wisdom of the decision, however as a mom of a potential kindergartner, i am really disappointed.

i understand and truly respect that this was a very tough decision, and one that was made prayerfully and carefully. it does, however, directly effect my family. we had hoped to have the bb and big brother at the same school with me in the fall, but due to this turn of events, big bro will now attend a local christian school. one at which his momma hopes to teach for in the fall to help pay for his tuition. i have an interview soon, and am actually excited to see how the Lord will work this to the best of my family, as i know He fully wishes to. :)

the large impact of this will be felt in many areas, however. as i must search for employment that will provide financially to allow for my big guy's tuition, i will have to leave my employment at the church....which after 5+ years will be hard. also, dh and i have already discussed the possible need to move to a home that is closer to the school (should i get the job) and to hubby's work (which is actually right behind the school) to compensate for the distance and ever-increasing gas prices. then again, big guy may get tuition help and make it unnecessary for me to switch jobs....we just don't know.....

however, i am not worried or stressed because once i got past my initial emotional response - yes, i gave myself a good 10 minutes to cry - i prayed. it was then that i was reminded once again that while i may make my own plans, and scheme my own schemes, our steps are ordered of the Lord. why doesn't this make me anxious? because i know that all things will work to the best of my family, my heavenly father wouldn't have it any other way!

ok, now to go basted together bb's pastel monkey quilt and get it checked off my to-do list!

goal: to get as many wip's completed by this weekend as possible in order to allow me to begin dismantling - sigh- my quilting room for painting - yippee- to prep for little matthew.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

our prayers go with him

jeff, my favorite brother-in-law, ships out today to return to iraq. we are all so very proud of him, his dedication, and his strength as he serves our country. the picture above is from his previous tour. at the time, my sister was expecting my nephew.
since returning home after that tour, they were blessed with my niece, and were relocated to a state much closer to us....yippee!!
while my sister and their two precious little ones will miss him dearly, as we all will, we are, as a family, dedicated to covering him with prayer daily.
i would humbly ask you, my blog friends, to please join me in lifting up the whole family today, that God would provide peace and comfort. and, that you would add their name to your prayers as he serves oversees.
May God bless and keep all those serving in our nation's military.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

tuesday treasures

tuesday is my designated errand day this week, and after dropping off little man at school, running to grab some groceries (thank heavens for payday LOL!), and practicing my guitar for my lesson later that afternoon, i was finally off!

my first stop was quilted expressions, our local quilt shop. well, i say local even though it is a 35 min. drive because we have no quilt shops here in town. i hafta admit, even if local fare were available, it would be hard pressed to replace QE as my favorite shop! the ladies are so very friendly and helpful, and the fabric is as varied in style and variety as the quilters who visit.
i have visited many shops since beginning to quilt 10 years ago and the thing i love about QE is the variety. being eclectic in my fabric tastes, my stash ranges from civil war reproductions to romantic, to 60z and 70z retros, to bright and fun kid-friendly prints and QE never has failed to disappoint. also, the store is so homey -with walls full of quilts (kit available!), notions, and tons of class samples. i mean, what is worse than visiting a shop looking for inspiration and finding white walls....uck....who can get inspired by that!?!

well, my addiction to my favorite shop aside, today it had to be my first stop because i had to pick up my....

eric carle fabric! my tuesday treasure #1 and oh so yummy! can't tell i'm excited, can ya? hee hee! right into the wip box with you, my friend......

well, not possessing the self restraint to simply pick up my fabric and run, i had a little looksey around and found that the ladies had come through once again for me! there, on the pattern wall was the pattern for the double duty bag - a reversible diaper bag - that i had been wanting to complete since learning i was expecting.

i love the fabric! red is my favorite color, and the chocolate and blue will combine wonderfully to make a fun feminine bag for me while respecting the xy gender of my little matthew. score two treasures for the day!

as a whim as i was checking out i inquired about possibly getting some hand piecing lessons from one of the instructors. my beloved cousin is coming for a visit in a few weeks and normally we would schedule ourselves for some quilting r&r, but the classes that coincided with this visit just didn't ring our bells. seeing as how she and i have both wanted to learn how to hand piece a drunkards path (she had actually found a friend who was planning on teaching her but unfortunately her friend passed away recently) and seeing as how we had the time available, i thought where better to find a wonderful teacher? sure enough, the lovely lady who checked me out agreed to ask the owner and get back to me. what a dear they are to even consider! score three for the day!

add to this the beautiful spring weather we are finally enjoying, my successful guitar lesson (i did pretty doggone well with my sight reading, thank you very much!LOL) and then my lunch date with hubby the Lord has really blessed me with a very lovely day!

i truly hope that you, my friend, are finding treasures hidden in your tuesday, too!