Monday, April 14, 2008

monkey in the middle

well, i have finished one monkey quilt. oddly enough this is the "extra" that i made, having intended the lighter, pastel version to be for the new bb. once big brother saw it, however, he staked his claim and quickly made this "my new favorite other blankie! " so monkey went with him to preschool today to enjoy nap with him. he was so tickled, and when i asked if the monkey quilt worked out he happily told me, "yup! it didn't even make me sweaty!" a more sound endorsement couldn't be made!
i also got some news this morning that threw me for a little loop. our pastors have determined that the church cannot support opening of a new kindergarten in the fall as they had formerly believed they could. the church has been hit pretty hard lately, and i can completely see the wisdom of the decision, however as a mom of a potential kindergartner, i am really disappointed.

i understand and truly respect that this was a very tough decision, and one that was made prayerfully and carefully. it does, however, directly effect my family. we had hoped to have the bb and big brother at the same school with me in the fall, but due to this turn of events, big bro will now attend a local christian school. one at which his momma hopes to teach for in the fall to help pay for his tuition. i have an interview soon, and am actually excited to see how the Lord will work this to the best of my family, as i know He fully wishes to. :)

the large impact of this will be felt in many areas, however. as i must search for employment that will provide financially to allow for my big guy's tuition, i will have to leave my employment at the church....which after 5+ years will be hard. also, dh and i have already discussed the possible need to move to a home that is closer to the school (should i get the job) and to hubby's work (which is actually right behind the school) to compensate for the distance and ever-increasing gas prices. then again, big guy may get tuition help and make it unnecessary for me to switch jobs....we just don't know.....

however, i am not worried or stressed because once i got past my initial emotional response - yes, i gave myself a good 10 minutes to cry - i prayed. it was then that i was reminded once again that while i may make my own plans, and scheme my own schemes, our steps are ordered of the Lord. why doesn't this make me anxious? because i know that all things will work to the best of my family, my heavenly father wouldn't have it any other way!

ok, now to go basted together bb's pastel monkey quilt and get it checked off my to-do list!

goal: to get as many wip's completed by this weekend as possible in order to allow me to begin dismantling - sigh- my quilting room for painting - yippee- to prep for little matthew.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mrs. Mandy,

What a BEAUTIFUL monkey blanket!!!! I LOVE it!!! I want one too!! LOL Seriously, it looks great!! You are so talented!

I look forward to seeing your Eric Carle quilt!! Can' wait!! Are you doing baby Matthews room in that theme? SO CUTE!! Your double duty diaper bag material is beautiful. I can't wait to see that material turned into a diaper bag!

Thanks so much for the Mother's Day ideas! We decided to go with the flower pot and pen flower idea with our 4's. I am going to have the children use their thumbprints to decorate it and then we are going to turn their red thumbprints into "Lady bugs." This will work into our insect week theme as well. We'll be reading the Grouchy Ladybug! Our 3's are going to do a small paper plate flower project with their picture in the middle and a cute poem on the back. We'll put a magnet on the back and it will look cute on the refridge!

So sorry to hear that your school will not be having a kindergatern program in the fall. I can fully understand what a difficult decision that probably was to make. I'll keep you in my prayers as you and your hubby seeks God's will and direction for your life.

I've also added your brother-in-law and his family to my prayer list.

Well, I gotta go and get some housework done.

Take care and may God bless you richly this week!


Myra said...

Love the duffle bag fabric, and the monkey in the middle is just darling!!!