Tuesday, May 27, 2008

thank you, my friends, for allowing me my few minutes of pouting in my previous post. you were all so kind not to kick my booty and tell me to get over it! don't worry though, i have done my own booty-kickin' and now, as my daddy would tell me to, i am "bucking up and dealing!" lol! i have decided that what gets done gets done and what doesn't, doesn't. baby has a bed and clothing and a loving family. besides, we don't want him starting out expecting everything to be perfect, right? lol!

i have actually enjoyed a very productive weekend...ok, the extra day helped, but still, with dh's help i got several "to dos" done.
#1: matthew's bumper is done! i had intended to show you the bumper that i finished, only to discover that stevie has determined that the bassinet is, indeed, for her - as i imagine any self-repsecitng cat would. she apparently discovered it soon after i finished the new bumper for matthew. you can actually see the bumper in the background.....stevie wouldn't move to allow for a better shot. hmm, this explains the fuzzy paw pats i have been getting as i pass by....

in the back left corner of the pic is the diaper bag that i finished a week or so ago. with the nursery yet incomplete i have found the bassinet very convenient for storing misc. baby items like sheets, diaper bags, the boppy....the cat.....

#2: tomatoes are planted! i also drafted hubby into helping me put together and stuff my new earth boxes. i ordered the kits knowing that a full garden would be out this year. now, we gotzta have our tomatoes, folks, and our neighbors have had a tremendous result from their earth boxes, so i figured, what the hey?

they are a little pricey, but you get everything in the kit including soil, lime (for tomatoes), and fertilizer....in other words, all but the veggies. the boxes are obviously reusable, with refill kits being less than $20, so i am looking forward to seeing if my investment pays off. honestly, these two boxes and supports cost about the same as what i spent last year prepping my garden soil and purchasing fencing to keep the local crunching critters out.

dd picked out a cherry and roma plant (his favorites!), dh requested a better boy, and i picked out 2 early girls and a golden. so far, they have been very low maintenance. it took about an hour to get them both together and planted. there is a planting guide included, very clear instructions, and once you plant all you need to do from then on is water daily - no fertilizing! yippee!

best part? i can skip the lifeguard this year 'cause the boxes have an overflow drain! i cannot over water the plants. before you question your counting skills, i do have one little early girl who couldn't make it in the box, so she is eagerly awaiting a new home in an extra large pot i had left over.

#3: got zucchini planted! now, dd and i absolutely LOVE zucchini. we fry it, bake it, stuff it, and eat it raw! so, when scaling down the garden this year they were a MUST! but where to put them? well, these little guys ended up planted along my front sidewalk. a little goofy, i know, but the blooms are so pretty and i will be able to do watering and fertilizing much easier this way. edible lawn art....yum!

the deer gang are the most courageous and rude of our crunching critters and with about 8-10 of them spotted this year in our back woods, it qualifies as an epidemic rampant in our area. thus explaining the soap shards scattered around the pant. the boogers will walk right up my sidewalk to enjoy the buffet that they are convinced i planted for their enjoyment. and before you ask, the dog is scared of them so she is no real help. i tried just about everything, but after mourning the overnight beheading of my lovely petunias this year, i got a great tip and discovered that a little irish spring is all it takes to protect my petunias, zucchini, roses, and anything else they may want to munch. the scent confuses and confounds their delicate pallet, so the leave the plant alone.

hmmm. i sure hope the soap doesn't seep into the zucchini....how embarrassing to serve some for a special dinner and have all your guests foaming at the mouth...lol!

well, at least we will have irish-fresh breath!

#4: planted my rose bush. i put this pink pretty on the front corner of the front porch so she can happily climb the corner post for years to come. i love roses, they remind me of my gramma pauline. she had such a gift for growing these beauties. this is my first attempt. we shall see.....

well, my friends, i pray you all had a great weekend and that you and your loved ones had some peaceful time to reflect on the service and sacrifice of those in our armed forces who protect our freedom every day. i continue to ask for your prayers for my brother (in-law) maj. jeff stevenson, as he serves overseas.

Friday, May 23, 2008

busy me

Busy, busy me….that would be me! This third trimester preggo thing is kinda for the birds, truth be told! Lol! With about 7 weeks to go, I admit that I love seeing and feeling little man wiggle and move –hey, I can even handle the acid reflux, the swelling, and the achy-sleepless nights, but this no-lifting-no-climbing-no-running-and-sleeping-all-day thing puts a serious damper on a busy gals plans! I learned my lesson earlier last week when I got a little overexcited about spring finally springing and tried to spread some mulch. In my defense, I bought little bags and only did 4 small spots in the yard, but ended up pulling a couple of muscles. A total KO, I was down for the remainder of the weekend and am still walking funny. Being a goal-oriented gal it has been hard to see everything that needs to be done and not be able to help do any of it. I can’t paint the bbz room, I can’t paint big brothers dresser for his room, I can’t plant flowers or mulch (killer for a dirt dauber like myself). All I can do is make a list and ask.
Asking for help is not something I do well.
The demolition in the sewing room is slowly progressing. I have taken my fabric stash and transferred it to plastic tubs and plastic shoeboxes, pulled matthew’s wips and stored the rest, and seriously spring-cleaned! The design wall has been dismantled, but will hafta wait till tomorrow to actually come down as I am not allowed to climb so the hubster will havta step in. he plans on taking it down along with my two shelves as well, allowing me the weekend to patch holes and make some pleading phone calls to try to round up some painting help.
But, drumroll please, tonight, I get a date night with hubby.
so swollen feet and aching hips be doggoned…I’m gonna live like a married gal for a few hours, even if I do fall asleep during Indiana Jones….zzzzz….

Thursday, May 08, 2008

been a busy gal

well, it really has been a busy few weeks. it is amazing to me how quickly time can fly by, that at times it seems i simply seem to be along for the ride. we got dd enrolled in the local christan school for kindergarten. he is very excited! we had an entrance interview with the principal and our little guy turned on the charm....luckily he was dressed a little better and carried fewer accessories....lol!

only a few days following that, i myself had my first job interview in 10 years for a teaching position at the same school. no, i am not one of those moms who cannot allow my child out of my reach.....i hafta find another full-time job in order to afford his tuition. the bb will still be able to attend the preschool as it will continue after i leave, but dd's tuition is quite substantial and with employment comes a small increase in my current salary and a significant tuition break! i feel that my interview went really well, but will likely not hear anything for another week or so. admittedly, i was quite nervous having had to blow the dust off of my resume and again try to find creative ways to plug my strong points....hmmm, maybe i should leave my ability to pick things up with my feet off, for now.....

in the meantime, as i wait to hear from them i am also applying with my former school district, not wanting to return to public ed, but knowing that the Lord will open the door he wishes.

not everything has been work related, i did play, a little! after seeing k. reference the nester in her blog repeatedly, i decided that i wanted to visit and what a sweet blog! her style is so fresh and full of good-natured humor that i quickly added her site to my fav's and decided her window mistreatment idea would be a perfect way to finally get a curtain above my kitchen sink!

i have had the leftover fabric from my living room curtains waiting patiently for about 4 months now, and i am really pleased with the final result! not perfect, but fun....with now sewing, no seaming, and it only took $3 for the upholstery tacks and about 20 mins! thank you, nester!

on a roll, i spent the same day beginning another random project. fons and porter have a pattern for a pre-quilted fabric duffel bag that i finally snagged some great fabric for during this year's shop hop. i am making a teal/chocolate for myself and a pink/chocolate for my cousin (she bought her own fabric).

i got the pieces cut, the handle and side pockets done, but am having the darnedest time finding two brown sport 18" zippers for the bags!!! no seriously, my limited store choices are wally world and joanns and neither has brown. red, black, a really malicious tan color, but not chocolate. i was gonna try a blue one, but just can't bring myself to do it, it looks terrible. alas, sigh, back to the wip box my little friends until i locate the mysterious zipper!

today, i begin a project for little matthew. my in-laws presented us with a beautiful, hand-made oak bassinet at our bb shower for dd, along with a bumper and bedding. unfortunately, while moving us to our current home, my dear daddy neglected to tie the container with the matching bedding down and it flew off the truck, onto the highway, and into oblivion. since matthew gets a new crib set, thanks to my mom, dd's old bumper will be disassembled, re sized, and recovered with some debbie mum fabric today to replace the one that flew the coop.
ok, off to work i go!