Thursday, May 08, 2008

been a busy gal

well, it really has been a busy few weeks. it is amazing to me how quickly time can fly by, that at times it seems i simply seem to be along for the ride. we got dd enrolled in the local christan school for kindergarten. he is very excited! we had an entrance interview with the principal and our little guy turned on the charm....luckily he was dressed a little better and carried fewer!

only a few days following that, i myself had my first job interview in 10 years for a teaching position at the same school. no, i am not one of those moms who cannot allow my child out of my reach.....i hafta find another full-time job in order to afford his tuition. the bb will still be able to attend the preschool as it will continue after i leave, but dd's tuition is quite substantial and with employment comes a small increase in my current salary and a significant tuition break! i feel that my interview went really well, but will likely not hear anything for another week or so. admittedly, i was quite nervous having had to blow the dust off of my resume and again try to find creative ways to plug my strong points....hmmm, maybe i should leave my ability to pick things up with my feet off, for now.....

in the meantime, as i wait to hear from them i am also applying with my former school district, not wanting to return to public ed, but knowing that the Lord will open the door he wishes.

not everything has been work related, i did play, a little! after seeing k. reference the nester in her blog repeatedly, i decided that i wanted to visit and what a sweet blog! her style is so fresh and full of good-natured humor that i quickly added her site to my fav's and decided her window mistreatment idea would be a perfect way to finally get a curtain above my kitchen sink!

i have had the leftover fabric from my living room curtains waiting patiently for about 4 months now, and i am really pleased with the final result! not perfect, but fun....with now sewing, no seaming, and it only took $3 for the upholstery tacks and about 20 mins! thank you, nester!

on a roll, i spent the same day beginning another random project. fons and porter have a pattern for a pre-quilted fabric duffel bag that i finally snagged some great fabric for during this year's shop hop. i am making a teal/chocolate for myself and a pink/chocolate for my cousin (she bought her own fabric).

i got the pieces cut, the handle and side pockets done, but am having the darnedest time finding two brown sport 18" zippers for the bags!!! no seriously, my limited store choices are wally world and joanns and neither has brown. red, black, a really malicious tan color, but not chocolate. i was gonna try a blue one, but just can't bring myself to do it, it looks terrible. alas, sigh, back to the wip box my little friends until i locate the mysterious zipper!

today, i begin a project for little matthew. my in-laws presented us with a beautiful, hand-made oak bassinet at our bb shower for dd, along with a bumper and bedding. unfortunately, while moving us to our current home, my dear daddy neglected to tie the container with the matching bedding down and it flew off the truck, onto the highway, and into oblivion. since matthew gets a new crib set, thanks to my mom, dd's old bumper will be disassembled, re sized, and recovered with some debbie mum fabric today to replace the one that flew the coop.
ok, off to work i go!

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