Friday, May 23, 2008

busy me

Busy, busy me….that would be me! This third trimester preggo thing is kinda for the birds, truth be told! Lol! With about 7 weeks to go, I admit that I love seeing and feeling little man wiggle and move –hey, I can even handle the acid reflux, the swelling, and the achy-sleepless nights, but this no-lifting-no-climbing-no-running-and-sleeping-all-day thing puts a serious damper on a busy gals plans! I learned my lesson earlier last week when I got a little overexcited about spring finally springing and tried to spread some mulch. In my defense, I bought little bags and only did 4 small spots in the yard, but ended up pulling a couple of muscles. A total KO, I was down for the remainder of the weekend and am still walking funny. Being a goal-oriented gal it has been hard to see everything that needs to be done and not be able to help do any of it. I can’t paint the bbz room, I can’t paint big brothers dresser for his room, I can’t plant flowers or mulch (killer for a dirt dauber like myself). All I can do is make a list and ask.
Asking for help is not something I do well.
The demolition in the sewing room is slowly progressing. I have taken my fabric stash and transferred it to plastic tubs and plastic shoeboxes, pulled matthew’s wips and stored the rest, and seriously spring-cleaned! The design wall has been dismantled, but will hafta wait till tomorrow to actually come down as I am not allowed to climb so the hubster will havta step in. he plans on taking it down along with my two shelves as well, allowing me the weekend to patch holes and make some pleading phone calls to try to round up some painting help.
But, drumroll please, tonight, I get a date night with hubby.
so swollen feet and aching hips be doggoned…I’m gonna live like a married gal for a few hours, even if I do fall asleep during Indiana Jones….zzzzz….


Motherhood for Dummies said...

oh well I hope you have fun with your hubby and Indie is good. We just saw it last night :)

Anonymous said...

You are quite busy! I am pregnant with twins at 32 weeks, and I've been on bedrest for 11 weeks (4 in the hospital). . . talk about total boredom and not being able to be "busy"!

Mrs. Mandy said...

oh my preggie buddy...twins! what a blessing but how your body must work to create those little ones. i am sending hugs and prayers your way!