Monday, June 30, 2008

getting a room ready

well, with a lot of help, and i do mean a lot, my former sewing room has been transformed into a sweet baby room.

yes, the walls are a sweet green color, and while at first i did question my judgement it turned out just as i wanted! i chose the green to coordinate with the stripe pattern in the crib set, knowing that there would be no other green accessories present to compete. i chose blues, yellows, oranges, and chocolate browns instead for the complimentary pieces. the rocking chair was already covered in jean, and with the pale furniture i felt that a yellow would be far too pale and a blue far to, um, well, dull!

while the walls are a little bare as of yet, i did create two wall accent pieces. this was both to save money and to allow me more control over the colors.

the first project was to place our little man's initials on the wall. big brother has the same, with his initials painted like sports balls to match his room theme, so naturally, his little brother had to have it too ~ lol!
the initials came preprimed from michaels craft store for less than $1 each, and the animals were prepainted and prefinished for less than with jungle animals fifty cents apiece. add to that $3 of craft paint and the entire project only cost me $8! yeehaw!

the second project was a clock. granted, this clock cost a little more to make, but i am so tickled with the finished project. again, the animals were less than 50 cents each, and the clock parts came from a walmart kit for about $6. i had to purchase two additional paint colors (pale blue and yellow) to compliment the paints used in the initials so that was an extra $2. the most expensive piece was the wooden plate that was about $12. dh had to drill a hole in the center for the center piece to slip through. all in all, it took about 2 days (with paint drying time) and about $20 to complete this sweet clock.

thankfully, all of the furniture came from big brother, so bedding and decor items, clothing and bb necessities have been our largest expenses.

if i have the time, i am hoping to finish his monkey quilt. i haven't been able to do this as of yet because i simply cannot physically handle basting the quilt together! oh well, when i feel i can i will, he has several wonderful blankets and quilts to use in the meantime, including the one pictured on the rocking chair in the top picture gifted to him at a recent shower.

my c-section has been set up for sat., a week early, but little guy is measuring large and in charge just like his brother so induction is out. although, if i go on my own, who knows? so with a lot of help from family and friends, we are ready! until then, i can sit in this calming room and rock and picture my new little one....can't wait to meet him!

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