Wednesday, June 04, 2008

a little pomp...and circumstance?

yup, my handsome little man is graduating from preschool on friday. he has woken up each morning enthusiastically counting down until the big night! surprisingly, i am just as excited as he is about it. uh oh, maybe i am missing that sentimental mommy gene that compels others of my kind to weep and cling to their offspring on such classic occasions....hmm....
naw, i think that i am simply proud of his independence and confidence in himself. after all, he has been working right along with me here at the preschool from it's beginning 5 years ago. he has had the benefits of having me close by while still getting to have other christian adults sowing into him both spiritually and academically. while he naturally loves to socialize, he can get along with anyone, i have been close when he needed me. when he has needed some extra...ahem, guidance... i have been there to correct and instruct. and when his ego has needed a boost, he has benefited from a host of folks around him to remind him of who The Lord says he is, and that he can do all things through God!
ok, so why am i not delicately tapping my eyes with a tissue? well, he does still climb in my lap at night for cuddles, he still wants me to play games and sing songs, he doesn't hesitate to take my hand and walk beside me in public, and he still asks for my help when it is needed.
...and it's not friday night yet.....

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